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OTTplay Exclusive! Aarohi Patel: We shot for Kadak Mitthi season 2 in two days!

Aarohi also revealed that Kadak Mitthi and Kadak Mitthi season 2 were shot together.

Shaheen Irani
Jul 20, 2021
cover image
Aarohi in Kadak Mitthi 2.

After her short stint in OK Boss, Aarohi Patel is back on OTT, this time for Kadak Mitthi season 2. The show, which is a continuation of the first part, features her mother Aarti Patel playing her on-screen mom.

The show ended up going into a dark space exploring themes like death and more. Discussing the same among other things, Aarohi spoke to OTTplay exclusively about the second season and what lies ahead for the show.

Excerpts from the interview:

Kadak Mitthi 2 has gone into a dark space. It discusses death. Were you ready to explore that space?

I was not ready, to be honest. It was difficult for me to perform that part too. It's a thought you usually avoid at 2 am. It's difficult to even think like that. Apart from that episode though, it wasn't that dark and difficult.

How did your mom Aarti Patel react to that?

She wasn't there on the same sets as me so I wouldn't know. I simply avoided that topic at rehearsals or even at home, because I wasn't comfortable speaking those lines in front of her.

Will we be able to see you both on the same screen anytime soon?

If they write something in season 3 then maybe.

So there is a season 3 coming up?

I hope so. I don't know the exact update but I think they (the makers) have that on their mind.

You go to your mom in both the seasons of Kadak Mitthi. Is that the case even in real life?

Yeah, it is so true. From the smallest things to the biggest details, I give her a ring first.

So you would be discussing your films with her too, right?

I'll always narrate the story to her and I almost always go ahead if she likes the script. She doesn't decide for me but I definitely take her opinion on it.

Has there been an instance when she didn't like the script but you did and you went ahead with it? How did you deal with that situation?

So if I like a script, I'll not go to her for an opinion. I tell her when I'm confused about a script.

What is your first thought when you pick up a project?

I look at the script and by that, I don't mean just the storyline but the screenplay and dialogues too - the bigger picture. Once I read it, I just focus on getting into the character before the shoot begins.

Do you not look at who is directing the project?

That is before I pick up the project. For me, at that time it would be the script, director and production house. I can work with any actor. I've never asked who my co-actor is unless I'm told about them.

After Kadak Mitthi season 1, Anish's show Chaskela season 1 was also released which put him on the map. Did that help you gain more confidence in him as a director too?

So we shot for Kadak Mitthi 2 along with Kadak Mitthi. It was the same case with Chaskela too. We shot 10 episodes in two days!

How did you manage that?

We just learnt the whole script. I seriously don't know how we managed that. I got two days and mummy got two days. That's how we shot.

Do you think you could enhance your skills as an actor since you had no co-actors on sets?

I haven't thought about it that way. I was just doing my job. You just tell me to act and I do that without thinking much about it.

You have gone on a rant in Kadak Mitthi 2. That might not have been possible if OTT censorship came into place. What are your thoughts on that?

I think that OTTs should be allowed to function the way they are. There's already censorship in the film scenario. There has to be one place where people show what they want to without any fear. You shouldn't exploit that fact too.

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