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K-dramas with love triangles that you won’t be able to get over


Jun 06, 2021

K-dramas are most popular for having an angle like a love triangle. With two male leads, the audiences tend to find themselves in a dilemma over whom they liked more, the boy who got the girl or the one who didn't. These K-dramas make you drool over the love triangle all long.These stories of unrequited love will plug your heartstrings, all at once. Here are some of the best K-dramas whose love triangles will make you go crazy:

Reply 1988
9.3OTTplay Rating
The coming-of-age story of five friends as they move from childhood to adulthood together is a heartwarming watch. The bond between three of these friends Deok Sun, Taek and Jungpal, who slowly develop feelings for each other, will leave you gushing. Giving you a taste of old-school romance and the feeling of letting go of your love for the sake of friendship, will make you fall in love with this show.
Boys Over Flowers
8.1OTTplay Rating
The classic K-drama responsible for turning most audiences into K-drama fans is an interesting story of a rich brat Gu Jun Pyo falling in love with a poor girl Geum Jan Di. Initially unbothered by her presence, Jun Pyo eventually falls in love with her due to her fierce personality. A love triangle begins to bloom when Jun Pyo's best friend Yoon Ji Hoo gets smitten by Jan Di. Filled with heartwarming scenes of friendship and love, this one is a must-watch.
She Was Pretty
8OTTplay Rating
The endearing story of childhood friends meeting after they become adults revolves around a low on confidence Kim Hye Jin who surprisingly meets her childhood bestie Ji Sung Joon. Getting to know that he is now her boss, the female lead feels unworthy. Her co-worker Shin Hyuk helps her gain confidence to face her best friend. The lovable characters of the three leads and their love triangle is sure to make your heart melt.
7.6OTTplay Rating
Another classic K-drama, the story revolves around an illegitimate chaebol Kim Tan falling in love with a poor Cha Eun Sang, who is later revealed to be his househelp's daughter. Circumstances lead to the two attending the same school where a school bully and Tan's friend-turned-foe Choi Young Do falls for Eun Sang. Melting your heart all through the way, the story will make you cry and gush over the two male leads throughout.
Love Alarm
7.2OTTplay Rating
Another tale of two best friends falling in love with the same girl, Love Alarm is your modern-day high school love story. Falling in love with one friend in the first season and with the other in the other, the series will make love and sympathize with both the male leads. It also keeps you hooked, since you constantly wish to see who she would pick.
8.5OTTplay Rating
The K-drama stirred a frenzy on social media with fans sympathising with the second lead more than ever. The story of Seo Dal Mi who received letters in her childhood from Han Ji Pyeong disguised as Nam Do San turns into a complicated tale when both Ji Pyeong and the original Do San fall for her. Considered as one of the most heartbreaking love triangles of all time, Start-Up will make you fall in love with the guy who doesn’t get the girl.
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