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19 Years of Youth - Here are Vijay’s six other rom-coms you can’t miss

Alfred Francis

Alfred Francis
Jul 20, 2021

Youth, the Tamil film directed by Vincent Selva, starring Vijay and Shaheen Khan released 19 years ago on this day and opened to mixed reviews. Over the years, the film, a remake of the Telugu hit Chirunavvutho, acquired cult status with the story and Vijay’s mannerisms.

The film tells the story of Shiva (Vijay) falls in love with Sandhya (Shaheen) who is engaged to another man. These films were released during the phase where Vijay’s career was populated with rom-coms. It’s the kind of Vijay we miss seeing today. Here are a few rom coms of the actor to take you on a trip down memory lane;

Poove Unakkaga
8.2OTTplay Rating
Vijay plays Raja, a grandson who is determined to reunite his parents’ quarrelling families. For that, he infiltrates both households and succeeds in gaining love from his grandparents. To avoid the idea of marriage, he makes up a lie about a wife named Nimmy. One day, this Nimmy comes for him for real. Raja is bewildered. Nimmy acts like his wife and plays pranks on him. When he confronts her, she tells him about being aware of his secret that he is not their grandson. Who is Raja? And what is his aim in this household?
Kadhalukku Mariyadhai
8.6OTTplay Rating
While discussing the romcoms of Vijay, it’s hard to not talk about this film, which is a remake of a Malayalam film Aniyathipravu. While Thirumalai became a stepping stone for Vijay as a mass star, it was Kadhalukku Mariyadhai that gave him fandom in the hearts of youth. The accidental meeting at the bookshop, the proposal, the rebuttal and reunion are beautifully played by Vijay in the backdrop of Ilaiyaraaja’s mellifluous score. Jeeva (Vijay ) falls in love with Mini (Shalini) and she reciprocates his love. However, neither of the families approve of their relationship. With support from friends, the two turn things around.
7.2OTTplay Rating
Vijay plays Vasanth, a spoiled son of a rich businessman. Vasanth’s philosophy in life is to “have what he likes and if he cannot have it, then nobody could”. Vasanth falls in love with Priya, who mistakes him for Vasanth Kumar, a friend of Vasanth who once saved her, Vasanth pretends to be Vasanth Kumar to woo Priya. But his over possessive love leads to several tragic misunderstandings which culminate in him killing Priya’s father and his friend Vasanth Kumar. This is one of the best performances of Vijay as an actor giving his character an extreme negative shade of psychotic possessiveness.
Thulladha Manamum Thullum
7.8OTTplay Rating
Kutty (Vijay) is an unrecognised yet talented singer. Rukmini (Simran) hears Kutty’s songs and falls for his voice, but she does not know him in person. Whenever Rukku sees Kutty, he is either chasing goons or involved in petty fights. Kutty accidentally blinds Rukku, blames himself for the act and arranges for her eye operation by selling his kidney. However, the lovers are separated. Seven years later, Kutty returns, but Rukku who has only seen Kutty’s face misunderstands him as the goon who caused her pain. Only Kutty’s voice would help him prove his innocence. The song “Innisai Padivarum” from the movie became a chartbuster.
7.8OTTplay Rating
Kushi is a film about ego between two people which prevents them from admitting their love. Shiva (Vijay) and Jenny (Jyothika) fall for each other while trying to unite their friends who’re in love. Thanks to petty quarrels and misunderstandings, their relationship doesn’t go the distance. While Jenny wants Shiva to apologise and propose his love, Shiva expects Jenny to do the same. Now the time has come for them to say goodbye. Will they put their past behind and get together?
7.5OTTplay Rating
The movie directed by John Mahendran is the last rom-com that Vijay has done to date. Vijay plays Sachein, a kindhearted, cheerful and talkative youth who falls in love with Shalini (Genelia). Shalini is worshipped by the college and is arrogant when she first encounters Sachein. So he takes it upon himself to humble her. Later, she comes to know that he loves her and shouts at him for misunderstanding their relationship. As days go by, Shalini realises that she has fallen for Sachein, though she is not able to confess it to him because of her ego. Sachein is depressed when he hears about a marriage proposal for Shalini after college. Raghuvaran stars in a surprising, effective cameo in the movie.
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