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24 years of Suriya in the film industry: Here is a list of the defining roles of the actor in movies
Samayeshwari Vithaspa
Sep 06, 2021
24 years of Suriya

Suriya is a quintessential star of the film industry, who doesn’t shy away from trying something new. From his debut film Nerrukku Ner in 1997 to his latest release in the Navarasa anthology series, he rides high on the number of unique roles. He has played varied roles that include monk Bodhidharma, a successful businessman with short-term memory loss, policeman, and time traveller. We will never get tired of watching his movies, for there is always a new concept in them that is like a cup of espresso for us.

On completing 24 years in the film industry, OTTplay has collated a list of movies that personifies the acting of Suriya and made a change in his career graph for the better.

8.6OTTplay Rating
In the role of a con-man from a rural area, Suriya stepped into the shoes of a rustic and boisterous character. It was the exact opposite of how he is said to be in real life, that he played with perfection in the movie. The scenes from when he tried to convince Simran in the movie along with his dance performance with her is still a memorable one. The movie came out on October 24 2003.
6.7OTTplay Rating
The contrasting dual roles he played in this movie created an awe-inspiring reaction from the audience during the time of its release and continues to create the same even now. He is probably one of the few artists who could realistically portray a dual role, where one is a suave, handsome and hot-headed bad boy, while the other is an innocent, friendly-to-all hunchback man with dented teeth. The movie came out on May 7 2004
7.7OTTplay Rating
A brooding hot-headed man with a troubled past, whose innocence can only be seen in his eyes, portrayed by Suriya is impeccable. The intensity carried by Suriya in the movie is so convincing, that we take a moment to register that it is a fictional character and not an actual person. The movie came out on November 14 2001
7.9OTTplay Rating
The movie features another awe-inspiring character portrayed by Suriya. He enacts the role of a successful, yet down to earth businessman very flawlessly. Watching him in the movie will make us wonder how the short-term memory loss patient with tattoos all over his hulk-like body, was once a suave, immaculate and classy millionaire, and empathise with him. The movie came out on September 29 2005
7.1OTTplay Rating
Another defining role of Suriya would be his cop avatar in this movie. His role as a cop in Kaakha Kaakha should also be given a special mention but he brings out striking differences in both his cop roles and they are mind-bending. Kaakha Kaakha showcased a brooding man of a few words and the latter as a friendly yet authoritative policeman. Singham was also a mass entertainer, unlike the other film. The movie came out on May 28 2010.
Vaaranam Aayiram
8.4OTTplay Rating
A heart-melting movie that is permanently etched in our minds, Vaaranam Aayiram portrays Suriya in a dual role of a father and son. The father guides his son through his journey from a schoolboy to an Army officer and it is awe-inspiring to view. The emotions and sentiments he invoked is a talent like no other. The movie came out on November 14 2008
7Aum Arivu
6.6OTTplay Rating
Just when we think that the actor has achieved his ultimate goal, he goes ahead and breaks the myth, and makes us speechless. This sci-fi film is a perfect example of that. His role as the Pallava king turned Buddhist monk and a circus artist was portrayed with such perfection that makes us question how much an actor can display his versatility in a three-hour movie. The movie came out on October 25 2011.
7.7OTTplay Rating
We get to see a light-hearted Suriya in this movie, and still, he manages to make his audience sit at the edge of their seats. He brings in a plethora of factors in this movie ranging from acting to entertainment. Especially in the song Pala Pala, we see him adorning several characters that range from an aged man to his hunchback character from Perazhagan and also as a woman. In one of Suriya’s earlier interviews at the time of this movie’s release, he mentioned that he was being ogled by someone during the shot. This shows how authentically he steps into the shoes of multiple characters. The movie came out on April 3 2009.
8.1OTTplay Rating
A sci-fi movie where he forayed into the concept of time travel, 24 is yet another quintessential movie of Suriya that features him as the protagonist, his scientist father and the antagonist. His choice of stories is handpicked to perfection when we view his filmography. We are always assured of one thing from his movies that he has something new to offer each time. The movie came out on May 6 2016
Soorarai Pottru
9.3OTTplay Rating
In a movie that is considered to be close to his heart, we can see his hard work and effort oozing out of every scene in the movie. He gives justice to his role that was based on the life of Captain Gopinath. His choice of movie and the way he portrayed his character also invoked a myriad of emotions within us. The movie also brought about a feeling of getting inspired and it cheered us up during the pandemic, a time that made us all go through troubles and blues. The actor also won the best actor award for the film at the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne. The movie came out on November 12 2020.

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