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5 Robert Pattinson performances that will make you forget he was Edward Cullen

Harshita Alok Sharma

Harshita Alok Sharma
May 12, 2021

Robert Pattinson has shed his reputation of being a glittery vampire called Edward Cullen in Twilight and has evolved to more diverse roles in the past few years. The actor has proven his mettle by finding roles that are challenging and then portraying them to perfection. He has emerged as an incredibly versatile actor, who is set to be DCEU’s next Batman. Here are the actor’s best performances that showcase his talent.

The Devil All the Time
7.4OTTplay Rating
This crime drama film is Pattinson’s latest role and has successfully impressed audiences. The film, set in West Virginia, follows a man (Tom Holland) who is trying to protect his family from the dubious characters who surround him. Pattinson, who appears in the supporting role of a spine-chilling preacher, causes trouble for Holland’s character. Multiple storylines overlap in this film but Pattinson’s role becomes the most memorable of all.
Good Time
7.5OTTplay Rating
Pattinson plays the role of a bank robber called Connie Nikas in Good Time, who makes his developmentally-challenged brother quit a session of therapy to help him with a robbery. He is a smooth talker, a shrewd con man and a determined criminal. Pattinson craftily explores his comedic side in this role as well.
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
7.5OTTplay Rating
Everyone who read the Harry Potter books knows that Cedric Diggory is the purest character of the lot who deserved better. Characterised by Pattinson in the movie adaptation, the role was one of his firsts in his career. Though Cedric is Harry’s competitor, some fans found themselves cheering for the former. Pattinson’s Cedric is compassionate, honest and a supremely talented wizard, who meets an unfortunate end at the hands of Voldemort.
7.5OTTplay Rating
Christopher Nolan’s Tenet is the one big blockbuster film that Pattinson couldn’t resist starring in. The actor has actively avoided big budget or hyped movies after the Twilight franchise, but his role as an operative trying to prevent the destruction of the world is commendable.
The Lost City of Z
7OTTplay Rating
Directed by Jeremy Gray, The Lost City of Z stars Pattinson as the loyal aid, Corporal Henry Costin, of the British officer Percy Fawcett who is rescued many times by the former. The role proves how great a character actor Pattinson can be and in Costin, Pattinson makes decisions that are integral to the plot of the movie.
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