6 Movies and shows about cults that will surely creep you out
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6 Movies and shows about cults that will surely creep you out
Jul 07, 2021

There is an underlying mystery surrounding cults and strange social groups. Always intriguing you with their motive and calling, these cults are difficult to penetrate. Ranging from unusual rituals to strange celebrations, cult gatherings are sure to creep you out.

Sometimes even chilling, an inside look into the lives within a cult can often freak you out. Some shows and movies take us on a journey within these cult groups and help us explore them. Entertaining as it is, these movies and shows are definitely worth a watch. So here are some of the best cult movies and shows that give a ride into the strange world of cults:

Wild Wild Country
8OTTplay Rating
Uncovering the true story of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, famously known as Osho and his cult, Wild Wild Country takes you inside Osho's Pune ashram and Rajneeshpuram, a community in Wasco County built by the cult godman and his ardent followers. A deep look inside the mysterious cult embroiled by allegations of mass murders, this six-part documentary will give you chills.
Dark Tourist
7.3OTTplay Rating
The documentary led by host David Farrier who is on a search for everything dark takes you within the world of cults, creepy rituals, gangs, warzones and much more. Taking travel to a whole new level, each episode brings to light some gathering that will blow your mind. Revealing some of the darkest communities in the world, there is a lot on the show that can freak you out.
The Family
6.3OTTplay Rating
Along the lines of the popular belief that the world on the underline is being run and governed by secret cults like The Illuminati, the docuseries takes you to a conservative Christian group called the Family. With strong power and influence over the United States, this cult group has controlled and is still controlling the money and power in the country. Giving you a reality check, this docu series is worth a watch.
Holy Hell
6.9OTTplay Rating
Giving audiences a first-hand look into a cult group, filmmaker Will Allen reveals his own experiences being a part of the cult group Buddhafield, dominant around Los Angeles in the 80s. Making films for the cult, the filmmaker showcases tons of exclusive footage available to him that centre on the cult's inner functioning and revolves around their captivating leader, Michael.
Rosemary's Baby
7.6OTTplay Rating
A classic based on the popular psychological horror novel by author Ira Levi, Rosemary's Baby is one of the most bone-chilling movies ever made. Revolving around the story of a pregnant woman who suspects that a satanic cult wants to take her baby. As the movie progresses, her fears come true and the following twists and turns in the story will haunt you even after the movie ends.
Bikram: Yogi, Guru, Predator
6.8OTTplay Rating
The series centres around the cult led by Bikram Choudhury, the famous founder of hot Yoga in the US. Uncovering the charm and cult following of Bikram, famously known as Bikram Yogi and how he captures the minds and souls of people coming to his hot Yoga boot camp, the documentary unleashes the dark side of his cult following. Featuring interviews of real-life women assaulted by the cult leader, the documentary sheds light on the hidden secrets of Bikram Yogi and his cult.

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