As nation celebrates Independence Day 2021, here are 6 movies to watch that celebrates freedom
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As nation celebrates Independence Day 2021, here are 6 movies to watch that celebrates freedom
Malavika Menon
Aug 15, 2021

As we celebrate 75th Independence day today with our heads held high and remembering our freedom fighters who fought for independence from the British, let us not forget to celebrate the freedom that we enjoy in our lives. The term freedom, needless to say, is subjective and signifies different things for different people. There are diverse social issues that prevail in our country with regard to lack of freedom and let us hope that people take the courage to live life on their own terms without having the fear of being judged by others.

Here are few movies to watch on this Independence Day that highlight the sense of freedom:

Kumbalangi Nights
8.8OTTplay Rating
A standout sequence from Madhu C Narayan’s Kumbalangi Nights is when Saji, played by Soubin Shahir, seeks help from a therapist after the loss of his dear friend. He couldn’t express his mental struggle to anyone, and after a point, he realized that the stress was too much for him to handle. The audience were only shown him visiting the doctor, but weren’t told what exactly he spoke to the therapist before Saji breaks down. It is an inspiring sequence in terms of conveying that there is absolutely no harm in seeking professional help when it comes to issues pertaining to mental health. It was an emotionally liberating moment for Saji as he could come out of his vulnerabilities. This is one of the several sequences in the film which received appreciation.
8.4OTTplay Rating
Rani, a role played by Kangana Ranaut who hails from West Delhi, and is brought up in a conservative, middle-class family, finds herself depressed when she learns that her fiance has ditched her before marriage as he believes she is too desi and naive for him. Despite the humiliation she faced, Rani chose to take a ‘solo honeymoon trip’ to Europe, and during the journey, she explores many interesting places and facets of life. She realises that there is more to life than being someone’s wife. Rani comes back home realizing her value and when approached by her fiance again, she rejects him, making him aware about her stance. She then walks away with pride and dignity, which is indeed a liberating and inspiring moment.
Secret Superstar
8.2OTTplay Rating
Insia, an ambitious young girl who is gifted with a melodious voice, loves to take up singing as her career. Quite scared of her abusive father, she hides her identity while exhibiting her singing talent through a YouTube channel. Insia and her mother are victims of domestic violence. The movie sheds light into serious concerns that are sadly still prevailing in our ‘developing’ society such as domestic violence, female foeticide, dowry, early marriage and so on. The various dangers of toxic masculinity are also highlighted in the movie. While Insia yearns for an opportunity to pursue her dreams, and to lead a happy life away from her abusive father, her mother still tries to cling on to the toxic relationship with her husband. Finally, she realizes the importance of freedom and decides to call it quits on her marriage and encourages her daughter to pursue what she likes, thus leaving a message about freedom.
22 Female Kottayam
7.6OTTplay Rating
Tessa, a young nurse is betrayed by her own partner, and is sexually assaulted by his employer. Sadly, most of the women in our society tend to think that this would be the end of their lives because of the conservative upbringing they are subjected to. This is mostly influenced by our society which glorifies patriarchy and normalizes misogyny. However, Tessa regains her confidence and strength after she meets a few inspiring women. The revenge fueled Tessa, driven by anger, takes on her oppressors one by one. Later, she leads a happy life on her own terms.
Lipstick Under My Burkha
6.9OTTplay Rating
The Hindi anthology comprises four stories of four different women who lead submissive and oppressed lives. The women include a 55-year-old ‘buaji’, a widow who finds love and explores her sexual desires and fantasies with a handsome young man. There is also a mother who deals with health complications, and is cheated on by her partner. The film also sheds light on the issues faced by a young woman who is in love with a photographer, but is forced to marry someone else. However, she decides to choose her life, ditching the life imposed by her parents. Besides, the movie also touches upon the life of a young teen who hides her dreams and life under a burqa. The climax portrays giggling, smoke-puffing heroines who are mostly doomed for their lifetime, but still battling for their lives. The widely appreciated feminst film stood out for mirroring the present times we live in.
English Vinglish
8OTTplay Rating
We often forget that women in our house, especially our mothers, have desires and ambitions in their lives, but they don’t get an opportunity to pursue their dreams. The film’s story revolves around Shashi, a homemaker, played by the late Sridevi. Her character is constantly looked down upon and made fun of by her daughter and husband who are embarrassed of her poor English. Later, when she gets an opportunity to go abroad, she undergoes English speaking classes and betters her knowledge in the language. This movie was appreciated for its thought-provoking message and leaves an impact with regard to how we treat our mothers and the respect we ought to pay to housewives.

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