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Best foreign-language shows on Netflix you should definitely add to your watch list


Jun 06, 2021

The success of K-dramas and shows like Money Heist is proof that audiences are willing to explore content in different foreign languages. Netflix offers a diverse collection of shows from different foreign languages that you might have missed while you were hooked on English-language shows. But guess what? A whole new realm of some amazing, entertaining content is waiting to be explored.

Here are some foreign language shows that you can add to your watch list:

7.6OTTplay Rating
High school romance, drama and friendships mingled with a murder mystery at play, the show is nothing less than entertaining. Nailing the representation of an angst-filled youth, the story also underlines the treatment of LGBTQ communities in parts of Spain. While the murder mystery takes the center stage, the personal struggle of each character will make you a fan of this show.
The Rain
6.6OTTplay Rating
For the fans of world annihilation theories and conspiracies, this post-apocalyptic drama is a must-watch. In the story, set in the time of a devastating end of the world caused by a deadly virus, the lead characters are forced to take shelter in a bunker for 6 years. The Rain will knock your head, grabbing all your attention.
Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories
8.8OTTplay Rating
Focusing on the intimate interactions between the customers and the chef of a diner that operates between 12 AM to 7 AM, Midnight Diner is inspired by a manga of the same name. As the chef cooks through the night, customers find solutions to the different problems they face. The show will melt your heart, while also making you hungry!
5.7OTTplay Rating
If you have a knack for psychological thrillers, this show is your best pick. The dark, gory story of a girl who joins a cult and discovers violence and slaughter. Aiming to become a part of Amsterdam’s elite cult, this clueless college student sinks into the dark, gruesome world, unaware of the horrifying incidents that await her. The show is sure to keep you hooked.
8.2OTTplay Rating
Set in a fictional future where environmental concerns call forth the Norwegian government to stop all oil and gas production in the North Sea, causing a worldwide crisis. On behalf of the EU, Russia invades Norway and restores its oil and gas production. The intense political drama and the suspense that builds up in the storyline will keep you engaged.
The King: Eternal Monarch
8.4OTTplay Rating
The fantasy drama revolving around a modern-day king is a unique story with concepts of time travel and a parallel world. The story revolves around a king and a detective who try to protect lives and their love through parallel worlds and time travel. Full of riveting actions and unexpected twists, this story of two co-existing parallel worlds is a treat to watch.
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