Best teen drama series to watch ahead of Friendship Day 2021
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Best teen drama series to watch ahead of Friendship Day 2021
Malavika Menon
Jul 31, 2021

Cast from the series Backstage

Since Friendship Day is right around the corner, what more is bigger than spending quality time with your buddies? Considering the pandemic, the best you could do is put on a TV show, get cosy and chill with your besties. These friends may have endured a lot together but they always came back to each other.

Pretty Little Liars
7.8OTTplay Rating
You’d be hard-pressed to find a group of teenage girls who have been through more together than the wires. They were brought together when one of their own went missing and spent the rest of the trying to survive being terrorized by a variety of different people while they attempted to solve the mystery of what happened to Allison. They are bound together by the massive secrets they share but they also take the time to treat one another just like friends in the real world would do when times get tough.
Dawson's Creek
There are some friends who never let a girl come between them but Pacey and Dawson do not fit into that category. These old friends have plenty of conflict throughout the show primarily over their mutual love for Joey Potter. Despite their obvious cause for rift though, the two friends always come back to each other and they care for one another. Their personalities are entirely different with Dawson being more introspective and slow to act and Pacey being more impulsive and bold.
7OTTplay Rating
It is quite hard to pick our Glee friendship because there are so many contenders. While we love the pairing between Sam and Blaine, we couldn’t help but pick Brittany and Quinn and Santana also known as the unholy trinity. Their friendship is not simple, they have gone through their ups and downs at times cutting out one member or another.
Degrassi: Next Class
6.6OTTplay Rating
Teen Wolf
8.1OTTplay Rating
Male friendships do not get enough credit but one of the best examples in recent memory has to be Scott and Stiles from Teen Wolf. These two were inseparable from a very young age but their bond was strengthened when Scott was turned into a werewolf at the beginning of the show’s run. They started the McCall pack together and throughout the series, they used their differing personalities to overcome so many different obstacles. They have saved each other's lives over a million times!
6.6OTTplay Rating
This series is so entertaining and contains drama that makes the show very interesting and fun to watch. The events are filled with relationship drama and arguments that eventually get resolved and then the characters are closer than ever and it is not cheesy at all like some other shows. Carly and Vanessa are friends who get into various tiffs because of jealousy, boy problems and whatnot! But at the end of their day, they are seen to be the best of friends.

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