Celebrating Nadigar Thilagam Sivaji Ganesan’s 93rd birth anniversary with some of his most iconic roles
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Celebrating Nadigar Thilagam Sivaji Ganesan’s 93rd birth anniversary with some of his most iconic roles
Samayeshwari Vithaspa
Oct 01, 2021
Sivaji Ganesan

The late Sivaji Ganesan was, is and will continue to be an epitome of acting in the Tamil film industry. Budding actors have often been quoted as saying that they take inspiration from his acting, considering that his style of performance is unbeatable and has left a mark in the industry. V. Chinnaiya Manrayar Ganesamoorthy or better known as Sivaji Ganesan also goes by the moniker Nadigar Thilagam. As the name suggests, he was indeed the pride of Tamil Nadu as one of the most versatile actors in the film industry. Today is the late actor’s 93rd birth anniversary and what better way to celebrate him than by checking out a selection of some of his most notable movies.

7OTTplay Rating
The debut movie of the Nadigar Thilagam gave him the much required boost to stardom. The famous court scene, which featured the multi-faceted actor, is still one of the most talked about moments in Tamil cinema. The actor’s dialogue delivery in the movie is commendable and is worth a watch, especially in that scene. It's like the definition of a typical cult-classic movie of K-Town.
Andha Naal
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The 50s murder mystery is a classic case of whodunit that has you wondering how such an ‘edge- of the-seat’ thriller could be made back in the day. Starring Sivaji Ganesan and Pandari Bai, it revolves around the murder mystery of Sivaji’s character. You will not only get absorbed into the investigation to uncover the truth, but also feel like you are walking along with the investigators, as they come up with multiple possibilities of ‘who could commit the murder’. It also contains an interesting mystery surrounding the victim’s past.
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An epitome of brother-sister relationship, this movie remains a classic even today. Many movies on sibling love have come and gone, but this one manages to stay on top. Portrayed by the Nadigar and Nadigayar Thilagam, Sivaji Ganesan and Savitri respectively, as the phenomenal siblings in the movie, Paasamalar is sure to bring tears to your eyes when you watch the movie, especially if your are watching it with your siblings.
Deiva Magan
7.8OTTplay Rating
The list of commendable performances delivered by Sivaji Ganesan is endless, considering that most of his characters are memorable. One such iconic character is from Deiva Magan, where he plays father and his twin sons who are separated at birth. The disfigured and abandoned twin is the title character, while the other sibling is the contrasting personality of the former. Where one is brutish (but an angel at heart) and brave, the other is coy and childlike. The contrasting personalities brought out by the actor in the movie is astonishing. Do add this movie to your watchlist, especially to have a look at the title character in the iconic song ‘Deivame Deivame’.
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One of the defining roles of Sivaji Ganesan, Karnan is yet another cult-classic movie in the history of Tamil cinema. The glorious benefactor Karnan, was brought to perfection by the actor. His facial expressions of happiness, disappointment, love, anger and betrayal is enough, as it speaks volumes where dialogues fail to. That said, the actor is known for his perfect diction in his dialogue delivery that is used by many as a source of inspiration. Do catch the movie, especially for its climax, where the true essence of the title character is brought out by the actor.

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