Classics from Bengali cinema where friendship ties the tale together
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Classics from Bengali cinema where friendship ties the tale together
Hia Datta
Aug 01, 2021

Scratch the surface of many films in Bengali cinema, and you would find a friend or two tucked in the narrative indelibly, sometimes right at the centre, and at other times at the periphery. If they are not anchoring the protagonist’s dreams or accompanying them in their endeavours, they are the protagonist themselves.

In these six films brought for you from the treasure trove of classics in Bengali cinema, friendship is the protagonist and one of the prime movers of the story.

Goopy Gyne Bagha Byne
8.6OTTplay Rating
Goopy Gyne Bagha Byne: Exiled from their respective villages Amloki and Hortuki, Gopinath Gyne aka Goopy (Tapen Chatterjee) and Bagha Bayen (Rabi Ghosh) meet each other in a forest. And from then, they gradually become fast friends. Thanks to the boons of three ghosts in the forest, they fulfil their long-cherished dreams of becoming a well-known singer and drummer duo. Goopy is the music and voice to Bagha’s drums while Bagha is the rhythm and beat to Goopy’s singing. Together, the two of them make magic with their music and harness their powers to do and make good in their world.
Joi Baba Felunath
8.2OTTplay Rating
Joy Baba Felunath: Arguably the most well-loved detective in Bengali popular culture, Pradosh C. Mitter aka Feluda embarks on a thrilling adventure on the ghats of Benaras with his cousin Topshe and friend Lalmohan Ganguly aka Jatayu, the bestselling author of mystery and suspense novels. This time around, the ace detective is pitted against the notorious antagonist Maganlal Meghraj, a shrewd and cunning Marwari businessman. When Maganlal harasses Jatayu to spite him, Feluda pledges to avenge his dear friend’s humiliation or give up his profession. While the case is kept on one side, Feluda’s no-tolerance attitude to any affront towards his friend is on another, and a key driver in the plot for all that follows. Feluda is one friend we would all like to have by our side at all times.
Deya Neya
8.3OTTplay Rating
Deya Neya: This hit Uttam Kumar starrer is a romantic comedy that follows the story of Prasanta Kumar Roy, the son of a rich industrialist who is passionate about music and not into the family business. After a heated argument over his father’s disapproval of his love for music, Prasanta storms out of his home in a fit of anger and knocks on the door of his close friend Asim (Tarun Kumar) in Kolkata. While Asim is seemingly not the main character in the film, his friendship and camaraderie, and unquestioning support to Prasanta’s lifelong dream of becoming a singer is pivotal to the plot. For it is while staying at Asim’s place that Prasanta rekindles his bond with singing unrestrained this time, and starts belting strains in a radio. He becomes famous under the pseudonym Abhijit Chowdhury that eventually leads him to love and life. The iconic song ‘Dole Dodul Dole Jhulana’ is a classic instance of musical jugalbandi between two bosom friends in Bengali cinema.
Basanta Bilap
7.9OTTplay Rating
Basanta Bilap: ‘Tis all about friendship and love in this endearing social romantic comedy that revolves around the tale of four friends and their neighbouring girls living in a hostel, who are also a gang of four friends. The two gangs are constantly at loggerheads with each other and bickering over trifles while trying to pull up pranks in the race of one-upmanship over the other. Shyam Sundar Bose aka Shyam (Soumitra Chatterjee) as the leader of the boys while Anuradha Singha aka Radha (Aparna Sen) as the leader of the girls, lead the fights, which mount to hilarious scenes until cupid strikes. Basanta Bilaap is full of heart and hearty fun, and on this day, we wholly recommend it to you to relive your hostel life or college memories of living it up with friends.
7.3OTTplay Rating
Charmurti: Based on the popular Tenida novel of the same name by Narayan Gangopadhyay, this comedy film has Tenida going for a holiday, accompanied by his friends Kyabla, Habul and Palaram. Following the suggestion of Kyabla’s uncle, the four friends reach his bungalow in the dense jungle at a small village called Jhantipahari, near Ramgarh. The bungalow is touted to be haunted, and the friends decide to get to the bottom of it. The spark and humour of the story rests on Tenida’s friendship and equation with his friends as they find a suspenseful adventure in the jungle.
7.9OTTplay Rating
Kabuliwala: The film is drawn from the beautiful short story of the same name by Rabindranath Tagore. Rahmat is a middle-aged Afghani fruit seller who hawks his goodies and merchandise across the lanes of Kolkata. He makes friends with a little Bengali girl, Mini, who is just like his little daughter back at his home in Afghanistan, whom he dearly misses. A tender, touching friendship develops between the two, through fanciful conversations and jokes and little presents that Rahmat brings for Mini on every visit. After an incident, Rahmat is sent to jail for ten years of imprisonment on the charge of murder. When he comes back to visit Mini, everything has changed and Mini has grown up into a young woman, transitioning from her childhood nonchalance into quiet maturity. Does Mini remember Rahmat and their friendship is what lies at the core of the narrative.

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