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From Hot Fuzz to 21 Jump Street: Enjoyable buddy cop films that are loads of fun

These buddy comedies also pack in action, adventure and amusement for their entire runtime.

  • Shilpa S

  • OTTplay

Last Updated: 11.59 AM, Jan 10, 2022


There are few genres that offer as much amusement as buddy-cop movies can. Just two pals against the world, packing in as much as they can during their missions with misunderstanding along the way, only to give rise to a stronger bond than what they started with. Of course, the trope may also follow a slightly different formula, with the duo starting off as bitter enemies, who get a better understanding of each other as they are forced to spend time with one another. But no matter which route the films choose to take, one thing is guaranteed - bucket loads of bromance, fun and amusing moments and witticisms for the viewer to enjoy.

Here are a few buddy-cop comedies packed to the brim with action and amusement for you to enjoy.

Hot Fuzz
The cream of the crop when it comes to buddy-cop films, Hot Fuzz tells the story of a ruthlessly efficient police officer Nicholas Angel who is transferred to a sleepy little town due to the efforts of his jealous colleagues. As the town’s reverie is interrupted by a series of murders, Angel leaps into action. And aiding him in his investigation is his lazy partner, Danny Butterman. The film was a hit with fans and critics alike. In a sort of meta instance, the film also includes references to buddy-cop films as the dynamic between the two start to resemble the popular trope as the film progresses.
Bad Boys
Starring Martin Lawrence and Will Smith, Bad Boys follows the story of two detectives who are tasked with investigating a case in which drugs were stolen from the evidence locker of their police precinct. With their department at the risk of being shut down because authorities suspect the crime to be an inside job, the duo has to race against the clock to find the culprits responsible before it's too late. With all the witticisms and hilarity that only the delightful duo can bring, it comes as no surprise that the film went on to garner a cult following. It also spawned two sequels which saw Lawrence and Smith reprise their roles.
Rush Hour
Who can ever forget the iconic duo of Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker who formed the heart and soul of the popular Rush Hour film franchise? This 1998 film is the first instalment in the film series, and traces the origin story of the comedic duo’s pairing. When a Chinese diplomat’s daughter is kidnapped, Police detective Lee is approached by the man to assist in the case. But he finds himself saddled with an unlikely partner in the process - the boisterous and witty James Carter. Rife with some well-made action sequences and solid chemistry of its lead stars, Rush Hour is a buddy-cop film you should not miss.
The Heat
When two cops, who are on the opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to work habits, find themselves in a partnership, chaos ensues. Sarah Ashburn is an intense no-nonsense FBI agent who is on the verge of a promotion. On her latest assignment, she is assigned a case with Shannon Mullins, whose loud and exuberant personality starts getting on Sarah’s nerves. But the two decide not to let their personal differences get in the way of their mission - to take down a dangerous drug dealer. The film is helmed by Paul Feig who is the mind behind popular women-centric films such as Bridesmaids (2011) and Spy (2015).
21 Jump Street
Johnny Depp's popular television series got a big-screen adaptation in the form of this hilarious 2012 film. 21 Jump Street follows the story of police partners Morton Schmidt and Greg Jenko who find themselves back in their old high school on an undercover drug busting mission. But the former awkward nerd and popular jock find their roles being reversed on their second chance at high school life, leading to a strain on their friendship and jeopardising their mission. The film received positive reviews and was a hit with audiences, and also spawned a 2014 sequel.

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