From Human Flow to Facing Ali: Riveting documentaries to stream on Lionsgate Play
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From Human Flow to Facing Ali: Riveting documentaries to stream on Lionsgate Play
Shilpa S
Sep 27, 2021

The silver screen has long been used as an escape, sometimes even as a respite, from the realities of the world we live in. This long-drawn pandemic is perhaps the best example of this phenomena.

However, at the same time, this medium can also be used to pull one further into real-world incidents, which are too stark to ignore.

Documentaries bring to viewers a close and candid look into these happenings, and an in-depth insight into subjects like the natural world or the personal lives of great and established people. Beyond these topics, non-fiction storytelling is used as a way to shed light on many other topical issues like the refugee crisis, or cults that were found to have exploitative practices.

Here is a list of some hard-hitting documentaries that will intrigue, educate, ask relevant questions and answer them to the best of their abilities, to stream on Lionsgate Play this week.

Human Flow
6.8OTTplay Rating
A poignant look at the refugee crisis the world is witness to, the 2017 documentary film seems to hold through even years after it was filmed, with the humanitarian crisis of displaced people not seeming to wane but instead take on more forms. From the mind of artist and activist Ai Weiwei, the film not only has depictions of the refugee crisis from different parts of the world, but it also has narrations of the maker’s personal narrative sewn into it, he himself experiencing the same when he was forced to leave his home in China. It also offers viewers a chance to understand the causes for such a situation where human rights are violated and stripped clean and puts the crisis into perspective in a way that tries to inspire people to action.
Facing Ali
8.5OTTplay Rating
Muhammad Ali has etched his name in boxing history as one of the most prolific and popular names in the history of the sport, known by even non-enthuisasts of the same. Ali’s personality that transcended across the rings seem to have had an impact on even his rivals, as is explored through the documentary film Facing Ali, where in ten people the late boxer faced in his career reveal what they have to say about him. The narratives they have to offer not only touch upon their relationship with the star in the ring, but also their views on some of the more controversial aspects of Ali’s personal life as well.
Confronting a Serial Killer
6.9OTTplay Rating
The staggering tale of how a woman tirelessly works to bring a serial killer to justice, Confronting a Serial Killer revolves around the crimes of Samuel Little, one of the most notorious murderers of America who confessed to taking the lives of over 90 people. The documentary series follows author Jillian Lauren as she investigates and interviews the convicted serial killer in an attempt to seek answers to several cold cases of which he was a suspect of, trying to bring solace to the families of his many victims.
WeWork: Or the Making and Breaking of a $47 Billion Unicorn
7OTTplay Rating
In this dog-eat-dog-world of business the rise and fall of companies is commonplace. So, for one to grab the attention of people, their fall from grace will have to be just as interesting. This 2021 documentary traces the journey of the American property company WeWork and its CEO, businessman Adam Neumann. The film examines what went wrong in its IPO and how a series of disastrous events eventually led to Neumann stepping down.
Seduced: Inside The NXIVM Cult
7.6OTTplay Rating
This 2020 documentary tells the shocking tale of how a cult masqueraded as a self-help group to entrap young minds into becoming a part of their heinous crimes which included sex-trafficking and racketeering. The disquieting tale is told through the perspective of India Oxenberg, a young woman who was brainwashed into being a part of the nefarious organisation and managed to leave it. The documentary mini series takes a deep dive into Oxenberg’s personal narrative of her experiences exploring not only the accounts of her harrowing experiences but also the tremendous amount of guilt and even culpability she feels as a result of her actions. It also contains interviews with experts in the field of cults as well as experiences of other victims.

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