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From Jaatishwar to Vinci Da: 9 times Srijit Mukherji left a mark with his films

Raktim Das

Raktim Das
Jul 15, 2021

Best creations by director Srijit Mukherji

Srijit Mukherji is one of the leading directors of the Bengali film industry with multiple National Awards under his belt. Currently soaking in the success of Netflix’s Ray, he has been delivering memorable films for a decade. From unique plots to captivating characters, he has navigated across multiple genres and themes in his directorial ventures. So, here’s a list of some of the most memorable movies by the director, that ought to be in your streaming playlist.

8.4OTTplay Rating
With four National Awards in its kitty, the movie is a story of love, passion and reincarnation, with music bridging the gap beautifully. Based on Anthony Firingee’s tale, Jaatishwar utilises the urban elements of cross-cultural love to make the plot contemporary and relevant. It revolves around a young Gujarati boy, Rohit, who tries to woo his ladylove Mahamaya by learning Bengali. He decides to study the 19th-century poet, soon coming across the man himself. The movie not only has a tight-knit script but also heart-rending songs that will leave you mesmerised.
Baishe Srabon
8.5OTTplay Rating
A psychological thriller, the narrative follows a serial killer who leaves behind poems as a token after committing murders. However, it goes beyond a simple cat and mouse chase to integrate multiple elements – from a love story to personal vs. professional commitments, and the thrill of pursuit – in this Srijit Mukherji directorial, complemented by the spot-on acting of the stellar cast and catchy tunes.
8.3OTTplay Rating
Fabricating a mosaic of regrets, deeds and misdeeds, and finally retribution, the movie follows the story of four directors and their sudden run-in with their past, during a visit to a producer. An all-time classic, the tale reminds us how every action will reap an opposite reaction, no matter how far you go. With stalwarts like Aparna Sen, Goutam Ghose and Chiranjeet Chakraborty in the cast, Srijit etched a permanent memory in our hearts.
Hemlock Society
7.7OTTplay Rating
An institution training people to commit suicide leads to a love story between an aspirant and the instructor, along with a bonus of soothing songs – Hemlock Society is an all-around package that would make you smile, laugh, weep with a pinch of reality and satire.
7.7OTTplay Rating
The directorial debut of Srijit Mukherji, the movie is a fine blend of arthouse and mainstream elements, with its core question of how far can people compromise with ethical stance in the cold-blooded world of ambition. It revolves around the life of superstar Arun Chatterjee, a control freak who breaks every morality on the way to prove himself.
7.4OTTplay Rating
Durga Puja is every Bengali’s lifeline, and when that is combined with a heart-warming tale of human emotions, the result has to be brilliant. Inspired by the real-life story of Evan Leversage – a terminally ill Canadian boy from St George, the story revolves around young Uma, a terminally ill girl, who desires to witness the festival in Kolkata. Her father does the unthinkable by recreating Durga Pujo in April.
Vinci Da
7.6OTTplay Rating
A unique plot involving a passionate yet struggling makeup artist Vinci da, who gets entangled in the gory and distorted world of mentally imbalanced Adi Bose, subsequently getting pulled into acts of foul play. The film is on every moviegoer’s list due to its one-of-a-kind script, phenomenal characters and mind-boggling mystery.
Ek Je Chhilo Raja
7.5OTTplay Rating
Based on a real-life case, the movie chronicles the mysterious tale of Raja Mahendra Kumar Chowdhury, who suddenly returns from the dead after 12 long years, in the form of a Naga sanyasi. This results in a decade-long legal battle to prove and disprove the legitimacy of the returned heir to the throne of Bikrampur estate, with hidden secrets and conspiracies coming to light.
8.2OTTplay Rating
Revisiting the mysterious death of Subhas Chandra Bose, the movie weaves together the various theories and possible scenarios that may have led to the sudden death or disappearance of the revolutionary, hoping to shed some light on whether he later returned to his motherland India in disguise. Based on the works of author Anuj Dhar, Chandrachur Ghose and the Mission Netaji voluntary organization, the movie is a dramatised account of the events.
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