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From Srikanth and JK to David and Stevie: Top 7 on-screen friends who set major BFF goals

Aunkriti Chaturvedi

Aunkriti Chaturvedi
Jul 12, 2021

Source: Hindustan Times

Best friendships are sacred. You make platonic lifelong bonds with people that are not your family, crying on their shoulders, exchanging advice, sharing even the most negligible things and supporting each other through ups and downs together. They will be holding your hair while puking or reassuring you about how amazing you are while you are crying and thinking that your entire world is burning down to ashes or just might be giving life coach-esque advice. Some might seem mainstream while others unconventional.

We are counting our picks of the best best friends on the small screen. These duos light up the screen with the interaction and banter. 

Sex Education
8.5OTTplay Rating
Otis and Eric Otis and Eric are the best of friends, going through their own ups and downs. Minor squabbles erupt between them from time to time, but they both find their way back to each other, supporting themselves, come what may.
The Bold Type
Jane, Sutton and Kat These three queens just might take over the world. The trio strike up a friendship while working at Scarlet magazine and become inseparable. All of them are there for each other in times of adversities and have their HQ at the magazine’s fashion closet. They are smart, stylish and savvy and are great at what they do.
Schitt's Creek
8.7OTTplay Rating
David and Stevie What started off as a reluctant acquaintance soon turns into the best of friendships between the two. David, with his family, is forced to move to Schitt’s Creek as they are thrown into the throes of poverty. Set in his eccentric ways, Stevie has problems dealing with him. Gradually as they both spend time together they become good friends, helping each other through their ups and downs.
The Family Man
9.1OTTplay Rating
Srikant Tiwari and JK Talpade The Family Man took the world by a storm with its fast-paced action thriller. But at the core of it is Srikant and Talpade’s friendship as they both have each other’s backs and harbour a great deal of trust for each other.
Brooklyn Nine-Nine
8.7OTTplay Rating
Jake Peralta and Charles Boyle Jake and Charles are the unlikeliest pair but their complementary personalities make them such a great fit together. Out in the field, the two have each other's backs and they keep partaking in some shenanigan or the other. Another duo from the series is Scully and Hitchcock, by far the oldest people on the force. With their eccentricities and comedic timings, we are happy they both found each other.
Good Omens
8.4OTTplay Rating
Crowley and Aziraphale Well, a demon and an angel do make for an unlikely pair of friends but these two make it work and are fantastic at it. David Tennant essays the loose-living demon Crowley, while Michael Sheen plays the tightly wound up angel, Aziraphale. The duo’s dynamics shines throughout the show and there is never a dull moment when they share the same screen.
Never Have I Ever
8.4OTTplay Rating
Devi, Eleanor and Fabiola The trio will be returning soon in Never Have I Ever season 2. They might have their differences and someone might feel neglected from time to time, but none of them can remain mad at the other for long. They are all there for each other, throwing advice like confetti with mostly Devi not heeding them.
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