Happy Birthday Anna Kendrick: Multi-talented actor’s works you’ll kick yourself for not watching sooner
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Happy Birthday Anna Kendrick: Multi-talented actor’s works you’ll kick yourself for not watching sooner
Shilpa S
Aug 09, 2021

Anna Kendrick has not only established herself in Hollywood with her wide range of acting credits, but she has also hit the stage with a showcase of her vocal prowess starting as early as childhood. As a teen, she earned a Tony nomination for a Broadway production, and Kendrick has not looked back since.

When it comes to the silver screen, starting with smaller and less prominent roles, she has risen the ranks to have her name attached to popular franchises such as Pitch Perfect and Trolls. As the multi-talented actor turns 36, here is a look back at some of her works which you do not want to miss out on.

Up in the Air
7.6OTTplay Rating
Up in the Air is a comedy-drama about a shallow businessman who earns a living firing people, and who is more than content with his lifestyle who keeps him on his toes. But his easy-going lifestyle is threatened when a new employee at his firm suggests some innovative changes in the way things are done. The movie earned Anna Kendrick an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress. Her performance as the enthusiastic young newbie determined to push for change and her dynamic with co-star George Clooney in the film makes it one you will want to come back to more than once.
Pitch Perfect
7OTTplay Rating
Telling the story of an all-girl singing group battling it out for regaining their lost glory by winning a music competition, Pitch Perfect is a movie where you can see Anna Kendrick shine in her element, both as an actress and singer. In addition to nailing the character of an aloof, unmotivated college girl, she delivers some powerful renditions of classic songs that you can’t help but sing along to. The film is also credited with sparking a franchise centring on the wonderful world of a capella.
6.6OTTplay Rating
When Santa dies and his heir apparent is missing, it falls on his daughter, Noelle’s shoulders to save Christmas. She sets off with her trusty reindeer to bring him back before it’s too late and the children of the world have to go without presents from Santa this season. This wholesome Disney Christmas movie features Anna Kendrick and Bill Hader as the brother-sister duo. Kendrick’s performance as the worried little sister is rife with charm and innocence.
A Simple Favor
7.1OTTplay Rating
A single mother who befriends a fellow mom over a few drinks gets caught up in a gruesome case of suspected murder. A vlogger by profession, she decides to go out of her element and investigate the matter on her own, discovering dark secrets along the way. This twisted tale is something that’ll keep you at the edge of your seat and features impeccable performances by Anna Kendrick along with Blake Lively as the lead. Their dynamic and chemistry just add to the film’s allure.
6.9OTTplay Rating
Trolls are a bundle of all things sweet, happy and colourful. However, these very virtues of the little creatures make the target of the perpetually miserable Bergens, who believe that they can take on the trolls’ happiness if they eat them. Although they manage to escape from the Bergens’ clutches under the leadership of their king, a second attempt by the villains makes things dire. A princess and her survivalist companion, however, take it upon themselves to save their people. The film is bound to spark your imagination and let loose your inner child, and Anna Kendrick’s voice role as a Princess troll is something not to be missed.
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
7.7OTTplay Rating
Based on the Scott Pilgrim graphic novels, Scott Pilgrim vs the World tells the story of a young man pursuing the girl of his dreams, wildly romanticized in a way that offers audiences a visual treat. It is depicted as a hero’s voyage, where the titular Scott has to defeat the girl’s seven evil exes to win her heart. The cult classic has made use of a variety of digital effects, which just supplements the well thought out storyline of young romance.

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