Happy Birthday Ian Mcshane: Watch these unforgettable characters of the veteran actor
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Happy Birthday Ian Mcshane: Watch these unforgettable characters of the veteran actor
Alfred Francis
Sep 29, 2021

Ian Mcshane has always been sidelined by the protagonists but his roles are memorable and have never failed to leave an impression on the audience. Often making appearances in supporting roles, his characters speak volumes and just a glance at him is sufficient to understand how much his characters are important for the story. With his baritone voice, sarcastic lopsided smile and stony demeanour, Ian Mcshane has become an unforgettable part of Hollywood.

Here are some of his best performances as the actor celebrates his 79th birthday:

9OTTplay Rating
Ian Mcshane plays one of the main lead characters in this American Western series named Al Swearengen. The actor won Golden Globe Award for Best Actor for his performance as the ruthless foul-mouthed owner of hotels and brothels in Deadwood, South Dakota. The series explored how Al Swearengen and the other main lead Seth Bullock converted or rather developed Deadwood from a miner’s camp to a town.
Kung Fu Panda
7.1OTTplay Rating
Who can forget the ruthless tiger Tai Lung in Kung Fu Panda? Deemed as fearful and strong as Master Shifu, Tai Lung was voiced by Ian Mcshane. The actor moved away from his cliche serious roles and gave a humorous side to the tiger who was imprisoned by Shifu and Oogway while he tries to get his hands on the infamous “dragon scroll”.
8.4OTTplay Rating
This series is the modern retelling of the biblical story of King Solomon and David. Ian Mcshane plays Silas Benjamin, the modern-day King Solomon who claims that he has been appointed by the divine God to rule over the kingdom of Gilboa. The actor flawlessly performs as the king who is forsaken by God and jealous of his successor Captain David, a counterpart of Bible’s David.
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
6.7OTTplay Rating
Ian Mcshane gave life to the role of the real-life English pirate Blackbeard. His character is referred to as ruthless, barbaric and feared by every pirate in the world. The character is shown with certain shades of kindness which is overpowered by his selfishness. Blackbeard is in pursuit of the Fountain of Youth in the movie and forces Jack Sparrow to help him find it.
John Wick
7.6OTTplay Rating
We all remember Winston, the mysterious owner of the Continental, the official hotel and refuge for assassins on the run or on a mission. Ian Mcshane plays Winston with ease managing the masquerade and playing his hand with a no-nonsense approach. The character is one of the most important ones in the story who often helps the protagonist John Wick and sometimes, uses that as his leverage to stay as the owner of the prestigious Continental, where killing is prohibited and safety is guaranteed.
5.8OTTplay Rating
In the Dwayne Johnson starrer action-thriller, Ian Mcshane plays Amphiaraus, the magical seer and adviser of Hercules who follows the hero in his conquests to avenge the murder of his wife and son. Amphiaraus provides Hercules courage and plays a vital role in the climax of the movie. He is also shown as a brave leader and brilliant war strategist.
American Gods
8OTTplay Rating
Ian Mcshane plays a mysterious Wednesday who hires the help of Shadow, an ex-convict and protagonist of the film. It is gradually revealed that Wednesday is actually the Norse God Odin and he is in direct conflict with 'modern Gods'. Ian Mcshane’s powerful acting as the old God, not afraid to show off his power, is a beautiful sight to watch.

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