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Happy Birthday Jason Bateman: A list of actor’s fan favourite performances

In addition to acting, Bateman has also donned the hats of director and producer, winning an Emmy for directing on the acclaimed series, Ozark

Shilpa S
Jan 14, 2022

Jason Bateman has made a name for himself in Hollywood with the array of witty and complex characters he has played on the silver screen. The star got his start in television with a supporting role on the series Little House on the Prairie, followed by appearances in an array of sitcoms and shows. His TV breakthrough came with his leading role in Arrested Development, his brand of dry wit and sarcastic comebacks being a staple in the many comedic roles that he took up during the course of his career.

Although most of his roles have been in the comedy genre, the actor has not shied away from tackling more complicated and thrilling roles as well, as his nail biting performances in The Gift and Ozark proves. Not one to be limited, Bateman has also donned the director’s hat as well, making his mark in the field as well when he was awarded an Emmy Award for directing episodes of Ozark.

As Bateman celebrates his birthday today, here is a look back at some popular performances of his that made him a fan favourite star.

Arrested Development
8.8OTTplay Rating
A series that tackled the dysfunctional family dynamic before it was cool, Arrested Development tells the story of the Bluth family who, even after losing a significant portion of their wealth, find it hard to give up their luxurious and materialistic lifestyle. Bateman stars as Michael, the eldest child of the family who is handed the reins of the household when his father and the family patriarch gets arrested. The actor fully embodies the role of the sensible, sarcastic man, his dry wit and charm lending a delightfully original quality to the character. Audiences will start to feel nothing but sympathy for Michael as he scrambles to keep his ungrateful family afloat, and the role marked a turning point in Bateman’s career.
Horrible Bosses
7.4OTTplay Rating
For anyone frustrated and disillusioned with their careers and superiors, Horrible Bosses offers the perfect escape to fulfil all their revenge fantasies. The film follows the story of three friends who, although in different lines of work, have one thing in common- they are all forced to work for horrible people. They decide to turn their harmless jokes about killing their bosses into reality, and employ a hitman who comes up with an ingenious solution. Bateman plays Nick Hendricks, a man who works at a financial company under a sadistic and maniacal boss. The film was lauded for its humour and performances of its stellar cast, and Bateman shows impeccable chemistry with his co-stars and gives a thoroughly entertaining and witty performance.
The Gift
6.8OTTplay Rating
As a couple,Simon and Robyn, move into a new home to mark the beginning of a new chapter in their life, their reverie is interrupted by a man from Simon’s past who inserts himself into their lives. And he comes bearing gifts, both material and in the form of dark and vengeful secrets. Bateman stars as Simon, a loving and career driven man on the outside, whose inner secrets start to tumble out with the onset of a past connection. Bateman was singled out for his performance, his complex and layered portrayal being considered one of the highlights of the film.
8.7OTTplay Rating
On the surface, the Byrdes seem to be your typical American family who move into the Ozark suburbs leaving behind the clamour of city life. But a life of crime follows their sudden move, as the family patriarch Marty is a player in a dangerous business where he launders money for a ruthless drug lord. Bateman stars as Marty, who desperately struggles to keep his family and himself safe while striving to please his harsh boss. In addition to giving a stellar performance as the series lead, Bateman also served as director on the show, winning an Emmy for the same.
8.5OTTplay Rating
Take a journey to the wonderful city of Zootopia, inhabited by creatures big and small, who seem to make better and more citizens than humans do. Set in a universe where animals co-exist and perform every job and profession like people do, the film tells the story of a young police officer rabbit who teams up with a cunning conman fox to solve the mysterious case of the city’s residents going inexplicably missing. Bateman lends his voice to the character of Nick, a sly fox who makes a living by conning others. His voice work in the animated film was praised. The critically acclaimed film received the Academy Award for best animated feature.

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