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In Memoriam: 9 Dilip Kumar films you can watch on ShemarooMe

Hia Datta

Hia Datta
Jul 20, 2021

Dilip Kumar, the ‘tragedy king’ and the first Khan of Hindi Cinema has passed on to a higher abode, leaving behind an indelible imprint on Hindi cinema with his oeuvre. One of the most successful stars in the film industry, he was known as the first method actor in Indian cinema and bagged the most wins for Filmfare Award for Best Actor, a tally equalled only by Shah Rukh Khan later. 

Here are 9 films starring Dilip Kumar streaming on ShemarooMe that you can watch or rewatch in memory of the iconic actor.

7.8OTTplay Rating
Devdas: The well-known adaptation of the classic novel by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay has Dilip Kumar in the titular role of Devdas, and Parvati played by Suchitra Sen as star-crossed childhood lovers. In a turn of circumstances, Parvati is married to someone else and Devdas ends up being a chronic alcoholic and hastens towards his doom. The film also stars Vyjayanthimala as Chandramukhi, the courtesan in a brothel who falls in love with Devdas. Dilip Kumar won the Best Actor in the 4th Filmfare Awards for his portrayal of Devdas.
8.7OTTplay Rating
Mughal-e-Azam: This iconic film in the history of Indian cinema chronicled the tragic love story between Mughal Prince Salim played by Dilip Kumar and the gorgeous, doomed court dancer Anarkali played by Madhubala. The Mughal emperor Jalaluddin Akbar played by Prithviraj Kapoor vehemently disapproves of their relationship, citing the irreconcilable difference in their social standings as the reason. Set in the 16th century AD, the love affair between Salim and Anarkali as against the royal norm that even escalates into war between Salim and Akbar is widely referenced in film culture. Evergreen songs laced with beautiful choreography with the ethereal Madhubala, opulent sets and the huge scale of production, topped with Dilip Kumar in the royal role makes this a must-watch on the list.
Naya Daur
8.2OTTplay Rating
Naya Daur: Directed by B.R. Chopra, this Dilip Kumar film set in post-independence is a take on industrialisation and its adverse impact on human labour through the story of a poor tongawala Shankar Kumar played by Dilip Kumar and Krishna, the woodcutter played by Ajit Khan, and the sawmill workers of the town. Besides the two of them falling in love with the same woman Rajni played by Vyjayanthimala, the pulse of the narrative also lies between giving in to the industrial age or fighting for their livelihood and way of life against the age of mechanisation. Dilip Kumar won the Filmfare Award for Best Actor for the third time for his performance.
7.8OTTplay Rating
Madhumati: Starring Dilip Kumar, Vyjayanthimala, Johnny Walker, Pran, this Bimal Roy directorial narrates the story of Devendra played by Dilip Kumar, who is travelling with his wife and newborn on a stormy night when his car breaks down. He seeks refuge for the night in a nearby mansion and begins to have visions of his past life, which are connected to the mansion and the lady of the mansion, Madhumati played by Vyjayanthimala.
6.8OTTplay Rating
Aan: In this Mehboob Khan directorial that was India’s first technicolour film, Dilip Kumar plays a village boy called Jai who beats Prince Shamsher Singh played by Premnath in a fencing match. Shamsher Singh bears a grudge against Jai ever since. Meanwhile, Jai falls in love with Princess Rajshree who doesn’t reciprocate his feelings due to her arrogance, and a turn of events spurred by the evil Shamsher Singh further distances Jai from the princess. Does he win against all odds to win her affection and drive her to acknowledge her love for him, or not, forms the crux of this epic saga.
7.1OTTplay Rating
Andaz: Dilip Kumar plays his namesake Dilip, a young man from a humble background in this Mehboob Khan directorial. He saves the spoiled daughter of a rich businessman Neena played by Nargis when she loses control while horse riding. She invites him to her high society life where he makes a good impression on everyone with his charm and eventually falls in love with her. But Neena marries her London returnee fiancé Rajan played by Raj Kapoor, breaking Dilip’s heart. Watch the film to find out how the story goes on or revisit it for the nostalgia of Dilip Kumar’s cinema if you have watched it already.
6.5OTTplay Rating
Amar: Another Mehboob Khan directorial, this film revolves around Amarnath, a famous criminal lawyer played by Dilip Kumar who falls in love with Anju,an activist played by Madhubala and the two are to be married. All goes well until one fateful night when Amar ends up committing a crime. He is thereafter assailed by guilt while Anju tries to uncover the truth.
7.4OTTplay Rating
Daag: Love is what makes the world go round, especially for an alcoholic Shankar played by Dilip Kumar in this love story. Shankar is neck-deep in debtsbut he goes to the city after a fallout with his lover Parvati played by Nimmi. He mends his ways and returns a reformed man only to find Parvati getting married to someone else. Devastated, he takes to alcohol again and can only be saved by her now. Dilip Kumar won the Filmfare Award for Best Actor for this film.
6.7OTTplay Rating
Arzoo: Another love story starring Dilip Kumar, the film directed by Shaheed Latif centres on Badal played by Dilip Kumar. Badal is in love with Kamini played by Kamini Kaushal. She gets married to Thakur, assuming Badal to be dead and years later Badal returns to teach her a lesson by pretending to be in love with her sister-in-law.
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