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Indian movies that transports you to a different world with its time travel stories
Samayeshwari Vithaspa
Aug 19, 2021
Listicle on time travel

We have seen a multitude of movies in Hollywood on time travel like the film series of Back to the Future, in movies of Christopher Nolan and even in Marvel movies. The same concept of time travel has been taken on by several Indian movie makers, where they forayed into the sci-fi department to bring in the logic of time travel mixed with the Indian dose of entertainment like drama, comedy and many more. Here is a list of some movies that brought in the elements of time travel and time machine to the Indian screens.

Aditya 369
8.8OTTplay Rating
This Telugu movie came out in 1991, where its makers were inspired from the HG Wells novel, The Time Machine. This rollercoaster of comedy and science fiction was considered to be the first Indian movie that adopted the concept of time travel in their story. The movie revolves around the lead characters who end up in a multitude of sticky situations after being transported to the past and the future, that are dystopian and apocalyptic in nature. The movie was able to blend the scientific logic of time travel and still manage to provide its audience with oodles of entertainment and masala.
8.2OTTplay Rating
The multi starrer Telugu movie is a mix of several genres and themes.It is about an aspiring scientist who wants to build a time machine to meet his parents, whom he hasn’t met for several years. He is visited by a woman who claims to be him from the future to warn him of their parents’ death that would be happening soon, as they speak. It attempts to piece together the story of time travel in a logical manner that deserves a watch.
Fun2shh... Dudes in the 10th Century
5.1OTTplay Rating
It is a fun and frolicking journey of a trio that stars Paresh Rawal in the lead role. The trio get framed for a robbery that they didn’t commit and get transported to the past during the 10th Century at a King’s court, when on the run. The movie will provide you with loads of comedy and entertainment. This movie is perfect for an on screen outing that you can watch on a blue day to cheer yourselves up. The troubles they get into the past and how they yearn to get back to their time in the 21st Century are fun to watch.
Action Replayy
4.3OTTplay Rating
The film is about a kid who uses a time machine to travel from the 2010’s to the 70’s to save his parents' marriage. This movie is a concoction of Bollywood love, masala, drama and entertainment mixed with doses of time travel. This film too promises you loads of entertainment that you can watch while foot-tapping to the tunes of the movie.
8.1OTTplay Rating
The Suriya starrer is a full-on sci-fi movie that doesn’t fail to provide you with romance, action, drama and foot tapping beats of AR Rahman. The movie features him in a triple role, where one of them is also the main antagonist of the movie. The movie plays with the concept of a time travel watch and manages to make the concept of time travel in a logical sequence and succeeds in also providing loads of entertainment, drama and romance that is prevalent in a South Indian commercial entertainer.
Indru Netru Naalai
8.3OTTplay Rating
It is a frolicking Tamil comedy that incorporates the concept of time travel in a seamless manner. This movie focuses on how the main lead uses a time machine to impress his girlfriend and his “to-be” father-in-law by travelling to the past and the future. But what happens when he inadvertently does something that ends him in a tricky spot? The ride that this movie takes you on, is just to kill your time especially during your quarantine.

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