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International Non-binary day: Films and TV shows featuring characters who challenged the binary

Shilpa S

Shilpa S
Jul 15, 2021

There’s a steady influx of movies and TV shows comprising characters that don’t subscribe to conventional gender norms. It is a significant change considering how stigmatised people from marginalised identities still are. Here is a list of TV shows and movies which have done a world of good with their non-binary and trans representation.

The Umbrella Academy
8.4OTTplay Rating
Klaus Hargreeves goes by he/they pronouns and is a non-binary character from The Umbrella Academy, a superhero show adapted from a comics series. Klaus is a medium with an ability to communicate with the dead and briefly make them corporeal.
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
7OTTplay Rating
Theo Putnam is a trans character using he/him pronouns, from the supernatural horror series Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Assigned female at birth, Theo is shown to be a tomboy, always dressing in masculine clothes before coming out. Supernatural encounters help him realise his masculine identity.
The Carmilla Movie
6.9OTTplay Rating
The tech-savvy character Lafontaine in the Carmilla Movie identifies as a non-binary, also played by an actor who feels the same about their sexuality. The movie is a horror-comedy about a vampire-turned human. Although Lafontaine’s gender identity is normalised in the movie, the web- series based on the story features a plot where their identity creates friction between their best friend.
One Day at a Time
8OTTplay Rating
One Day at a Time is an American sitcom featuring a recurring non-binary character, Syd. The critically acclaimed show explores several hard-hitting themes like racism, gender identity, sexism and homophobia realistically.
8.7OTTplay Rating
The American drama Billions is based on the tussle between a morally grey hedge fund manager and an attorney trying to take him down, where we are introduced to Taylor Mason. Regarded as American television’s first non-binary character, Mason is a financial analyst and is played by actor Asia Kate Dillon, who also identifies as non-binary.
4.5OTTplay Rating
The 2017 movie They tells the story of a young teenager, assigned male at birth, who has to decide on his gender over the weekend. The way the teen, mentioned only as ‘J’, pens down thoughts about the confusion over their identity is touching. Rhys Fehrenbacher, an actor who was transitioning when the movie was being made, plays the lead role.
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