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Kaazhcha to Spanish Masala: Movies produced by chef Naushad that are streaming on OTT
Akshay Krishna
Aug 27, 2021

The saddening news of the passing of Chef Naushad today has many within the film industry mourning. Naushad, also called the Prince of Flavour, is a renowned chef in Kerala, who has hosted several cookery shows on TV. The beloved chef’s love for cinema was well known and he has also produced a few Malayalam movies. 

As we mourn his loss, here are some movies produced by Naushad to watch on OTT:

8.5OTTplay Rating
Kaazhcha is a heart-touching drama, written and produced by Blessy, in his directorial debut. The film follows Madhavan (Mammootty), a common villager who works as a projectionist. He meets Pavan (Yash), a young boy who reaches Kerala following the 2001 Gujarat earthquakes. Without speaking a word of Hindi, Madhavan takes him home. Kaazhcha is a film that is emotional to its core, but has a few moments of comedy. While Mammootty is the focal point with his immaculate performance that forces a few tears, the film has strong performances from everyone involved. Kaazhcha is a must watch film.
6OTTplay Rating
This action comedy directed by Shafi takes place in a village called Chattambinadu in Palakkad. Known for its goons and hooligans, the village also sees animosity between two families. When a member of one of the families decided to sell a mansion, he invited a wealthy mobster, Vijendra Mallayya (Mammootty) to the village. Chattambinadu is a movie highly involved in pop culture of Kerala because of some of the comic scenes involved in the movie. The movie, while it has a lot of action, also has a large portion of humor. Another highlight of the movie is Mammootty’s Malayalam, which has a strong Kannada accent.
Best Actor
7.5OTTplay Rating
Best Actor follows Mohan (Mammootty), a school teacher with a strong passion for acting. Mohan tries different ways to become a film actor, but they don't work. In another effort to improve his chances, he joins a gang of goons in the notorious part of Kochi. Best Actor is a movie that simply works. Directed by Martin Prakkat, the movie beautifully fuses emotions, drama, action and comedy. The casting is a treat and Mammootty’s portrayal as Bombay, the Mumbai based don is a treat to watch, with his dialogues and mannerisms. The movie is a must watch.
3.4OTTplay Rating
Payyans tells the story of Josy (Jayasurya), a reckless young man who lives with his loving mother Padma (Rohini). After his mothers unfortunate passing, his father, John (Lal) who disappeared in his childhood returns. When John tries to implement some discipline to Josy’s life, things start going downhill. Payyans is directed by Leo Thaddeus and is a well made family drama. The movie focuses on a complex family relationship and Lal and Jayasurya deliver strong performances.
Spanish Masala
5.3OTTplay Rating
Spanish Masala is a romantic comedy directed by Lal Jose. The film, which is mostly set in Spain, tells the story of Charlie (Dileep), who moves to Spain and is stranded there. Using his experience of running an eatery in Kerala, he strikes a connection with a restaurant owner, where he ends up working. His special Dosa becomes famous and he is called up to work in the house of an ex-diplomat. Spanish Masala is a film that brings a different favour because of its setting in Madrid. The film also delivers big on comedy and Dileep is as humorous as ever. The movie also does a good job with romance and never slows down.

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