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Old is Gold: Here are some Tamil cult classics you can watch on SunNxt while in home quarantine
Samayeshwari Vithaspa
Aug 17, 2021
Tamil classics from SunNxt

Staying indoors at home can give you some time to catch up on the multitude of movies and TV shows on the OTT platforms. But do you feel you have watched every good movie on digital platforms with nothing more to watch? How about some classic movies to understand the art of storytelling in a different era, like in the early ’70s and ’60s? There are several classic movies in Tamil that you can watch to get a blast out of the past, that are equally entertaining.

Get stocked up on all the food, settle down on your couch and binge-watch some of these classic Tamil movies that are streaming on SunNxt to get transported to a whole other era and experience the evolution of cinema.

Gnana Oli
6.9OTTplay Rating
The 1972 movie talks about a hot-headed but a good father to a girl, whom he considers to be a gift from God. But how would he react when he learns that the life of his daughter is crushed by a deceitful man? The movie takes you through the different life stages of a father, talking about the circle of life and karma not being a myth. Taken in a very heartfelt manner, this emotional rollercoaster movie is considered to be the adaption of Victor Hugo’s novel Les Miserables.
Enga Veetu Pillai
7.1OTTplay Rating
The 1965 movie stars the late actor and former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, MG Ramachandran in a double role. It talks about the lives of twins separated by birth and grown up with completely different personalities from each other - one being timid and meek while the other a brave man. The mass entertainer family drama gets more fun when the two characters switch places. Mistaken by their own family and lovers, how the twins realise their true identity forms the rest of the story.
Bharatha Vilas
6.7OTTplay Rating
This movie from 1973 has characters from all backgrounds - a Tamil, a Telugu-Kannada, a Malayalee muslim and a Punjabi sikh family. All the neighbours become good friends who ultimately buy a mansion and name it Bharatha Vilas. The petty comical fights between the families are hilarious to watch. This movie is the epitome of family bonding and togetherness of all the people who are the same at heart.
Naan Yen Pirandhen
6.4OTTplay Rating
This movie talks about a poor man who leaves for the city to get a job and provide for his joint family. The family drama released in 1972 is relatable as it talks about the importance of money and the responsibility of one being the sole breadwinner for their entire family. It beautifully also depicts love between a husband and wife after all those years of marriage. It is heartwarming to see the unconditional love that the protagonist has for his siblings.
Thillana Mohanambal
7.8OTTplay Rating
The 1968 movie talks about the story of two artists - a Bharatanatyam dancer and a nadaswaram player which initially starts out in squabbles between the two, but ultimately blossoms into a beautiful love story. The movie achieved a cult status in the Tamil film industry for its aesthetic cinematography and artistic diversity that makes the movie even more beautiful to watch on screen. The movie is shot in such a way that every time you watch it, you will find something different in it.
Kudiyiruntha Koyil
7.9OTTplay Rating
This is the story of twins separated by birth, where one grows up to be a musician brought up by their mother, while the other is brought up in a roguish villainous manner by the antagonist who is also the cause for the twins’ separation. But what happens after the roguish twin gets acquainted with a kind-hearted woman (his own mother), with whom he gets connected with instantly and has a change of heart. The movie is a gripping gangster, police, rom-com and family drama from the early ’70s. It is also the first movie in Tamil to feature a Bhangra dance sequence for the song Aadalundan Paadalai.

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