Recap of movies from The Conjuring Universe before you watch the third part The Devil Made Me Do It
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Recap of movies from The Conjuring Universe before you watch the third part The Devil Made Me Do It
Samayeshwari Vithaspa
Aug 13, 2021
The Conjuring Universe

The wait is finally over. The third instalment of The Conjuring series and the eighth movie of The Conjuring Universe, The Devil Made Me Do It, is releasing in India on August 13. The long gaps in the release of each movie might make it difficult to remember minute but important details of the story. Let’s do a recap of the movies released so far in chronological order to avoid any confusion and help you recollect important details for the upcoming movie.

The Nun
5.5OTTplay Rating
The events of this movie are the earliest ones that took place in the Conjuring Universe. It is set in Romania in 1952 which shows the origin of the biggest evil - the Valak. The movie analyses how the biggest evil was summoned at the abbey in Romania which in turn set off a series of deadly events. The story picks up pace when Sister Irene and Father Burke are sent from the Vatican city to investigate these incidents, where they start to uncover the mystery behind Valak and start teaming up along with a young guy, Frenchie to destroy the evil once and for all - which they do or at least they think they did. What they didn’t realise was Valak merely latched on to the young Frenchie, who is later on revealed to be Maurice from the first Conjuring movie seen in one of the exorcism tapes of the Warrens. The Valak starts to haunt the Warrens after this incident.
Annabelle: Creation
6.6OTTplay Rating
The events of this movie takes place in 1955 where we see a different evil other than the Valak that is a demonic presence which latched onto the Mullens’ (Dollmaker) family. The beginning of that presence starts after they lose their daughter in 1943. The movie progresses as they let in a group of orphaned children into their homes along with the Sister in charge. We later find out that the Mullins make a pact with a demon in a desperate attempt to get their daughter back. One of the orphans, Janice, gets possessed by the demon and starts terrorising the lot. After they escape the house, thinking they trapped Janice inside it, it is later revealed that Janice (now possessed by the demon) is an orphan, adopted by the neighbours of the protagonists (Mia and John Form) from the first Annabelle movie.
5.6OTTplay Rating
Adult Janice (who now calls herself Annabelle) had joined an evil cult that was spreading in a vast number in 1967 (during which the movie is set). The movie picks up after her death in pregnant Mia’s house, where she dies in close proximity to a doll that is similar to the one from Annabelle: Creation. The evil that she transferred to the doll after her death sets off terrible events that endangers the Forms’ family. They take the help of Father Perez who, with his help and their neighbour, are able to get rid of the possessed doll. The climax of the movie reveals the doll to be lying in an antique shop and later bought by a woman for her daughter (one of the women who appears in the first part of the Conjuring in the beginning). The doll continues to disturb her daughter and her roommate, who later call for the help of the Warrens.
The Conjuring
8OTTplay Rating
Set in 1971, the movie focuses more on the Warren family trying to help out with the hauntings that take place in the Perron household. The Annabelle doll is now encased in the basement of the Warrens’ household. Footage of the exorcism of the adult Frenchie (now Maurice) is shown. Lorraine gets a vision of her husband being harmed by the Valak during that exorcism (although it is not revealed here until the second part of Conjuring). On viewing this footage, Carolyn Perron (the mom) takes the help from the Warrens’ to help her family out.
Annabelle 3
6.2OTTplay Rating
The events of this movie takes place in 1972, one year after the Warrens save the Perron family. The story focuses more on the Warrens’ daughter Judy’s psychic abilities that she inherited from her mom. Apart from Annabelle’s evil, their house basement has several other evils contained in different objects that are periodically exorcised with holy water so they are not released.
The Curse of La Llorona
5.6OTTplay Rating
This movie has no direct connection to the Conjuring universe. Events of this movie takes place in 1973, although technically the origin of La Llorona’s (Weeping woman) spirit dates back to 1673 when a woman drowned her children and is now wandering as a spirit trying to find them. Three hundred years later, in 1973, the Garcia family children are now being preyed on by the spirit of La Llorona. They approach Father Perez (from the first Annabelle movie) who sends in Rafael Olvera to help them out. After figuring out a solution, they have a face-off with the spirit and ultimately stabs it by using a wooden cross (wood taken from the tree, near which La Llorona drowned her boys) and destroys it.
The Conjuring 2
7.4OTTplay Rating
The story dates back to 1976 where the Warrens go to investigate another case of the infamous Amityville murders. The focus of the movie is not this case, but the vision Lorraine gets of the Valak trying to kill her husband. Valak’s first appearance in the Conjuring is shown here. One year later, they are called up to investigate a case involving the Hodgson family in London. The Warrens think that the family is being terrorised by a former tenant but later come to realise it is all the evil acts of the Valak. By the time they realise, Valak already possesses the oldest daughter of the family, Janet. It also tries to possess the crooked man and the zoetrope toy of the youngest son. When Lorraine realises that by saying the demon’s true name Valak, it will go back to Hell. She does so and ultimately saves the Hodgson Family. The climax shows Ed Warren taking the zoetrope toy to his basement. It is also in talks that a movie will be made on the crooked man as an additional movie to the Conjuring Universe.
The Conjuring 3
6.6OTTplay Rating
It is the latest Conjuring movie that is running in select theatres in India. The story is set in 1981, where paranormal investigators Ed and Lorrain Warren stumble upon one of their most sensational cases in their careers. The case involves a young man who is accused and arrested by the police for committing murder as all the evidence point out to him. But the man claims to be innocent and defends himself by saying it is all the work of a demonic possession. The Warrens then come into the picture to investigate this paranormal situation. Catch a show in order to uncover the mystery behind this sinister activity.

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