Remembering Dilip Kumar: 8 creations of the actor that will live on forever
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Remembering Dilip Kumar: 8 creations of the actor that will live on forever
Raktim Das
Jul 07, 2021

Classics of Legend Dilip Kumar

An evergreen megastar, a bona fide artiste and a humble human being – actor Dilip Kumar was one of a kind. A philanthropist and producer, he gave a new direction to Hindi cinema, and paved the path for generations to come. Here’s a list of the best films of the actor, that will leave an imprint in your heart, as we honour the legacy he left behind:

8.7OTTplay Rating
A tale of love vs. duty, the movie chronicles the story of Anarkali who dares to fall in love with Prince Saleem, breaking the boundaries of social hierarchy and blood lineage. Portraying the role of Saleem is Dilip Kumar, standing tall in the shoes of a lover, who even went to the extent of betraying his own father Mughal Emperor Akbar, for his beloved Anarkali. From breath-taking set designs and costumes to incredible cinematography, from a tragic plot to the smoldering intensity of Dilip Kumar– the movie continues to surprise generations one after another, teaching us Jab Pyar Kiya Toh Darna Kya.
Naya Daur
8.2OTTplay Rating
Relevant to this day, the film has a crisp plot, compelling characters and touches the soul with its realistic depiction. Raising voice against unbridled industrialisation, the movie is a timeless treasure revolving around the narrative of how the birth of a machine often leads to the strangling of the livelihood of many others.
Ram Aur Shyam
7.8OTTplay Rating
A classic comedy drama, the movie serves us the treat of getting to watch two Dilip Kumars at the price of one, as he portrays Ram as well as his long-lost brother Shyam, who sets out to avenge the wrongs done against his meek sibling by the evil brother-in-law, Gajendra. From hilarious mannerisms, playful body language and confident attitude of Shyam to a terrified, meek and shy Ram, Dilip Kumar steals the spotlight in this laughing riot.
7.8OTTplay Rating
Based on Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay’s novella, Devdas is the tragic love story between two star-crossed lovers Dev and Paro, whose unrequited love turns Dev into an alcoholic plunging his life into the darkness. Dilip Kumar plays the titular part of Devdas and manages to humanise the unlikable character, epitomising the grey shade present in all humans. His inability to deal with the pain of his broken love makes us sympathise with the character, taking us on a heart-aching tale of passion.
7.8OTTplay Rating
A much-acclaimed commercial success, the movie integrates all the necessary flavours of mainstream – from romance to a tightly-knit plot, from evergreen songs to beautiful settings – into a harmonious mixture, that is based on the tale of man who remembers his past life upon visiting a mansion. Dilip Kumar nails his portrayal of Deven and Anand, shifting between the two characters flawlessly and believably. In spite of its totally mainstream content, the film continues to be a milestone in Hindi cinema.
7.4OTTplay Rating
A story on unflinching childhood love, this movie set up in 1951 continues to remain alive in the hearts of the viewers. Although the movie plot is a plain one revolving around couple who love each other deeply but the parents are strictly against them, it still draws appreciation from the people due to Dilip Kumar's enchanting enactment and misery drenched voice of Rafi as the background score which made the film even more heart wrenching.
7.8OTTplay Rating
A hard-hitting flick, the film dives into the plot of three varied individuals and their intertwined lives, with Dilip Kumar playing the lead protagonist Vinod Kumar. The script exploits idealism and at the same time stresses how the value of awareness can be passed on from one generation to another using a torch, which in the current context is signified by journalism. Director Yash Chopra deals with the central subject with extreme realism, without interjecting any unrequired melodrama, making it authentic and relatable.
7.3OTTplay Rating
An exquisite creation, the movie is a nail-biting piece that glorifies patriotism and the struggle numerous Indians underwent to free our country from the clutches of the British Rule. Led by Sanga, the story revolves around a group of rebels who rise against the wrong-doings of the British Empire. Dilip Kumar as Sanga, gives ingenuity to the character, adding a period feel to the film.

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