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Superhero shows and movies you might have missed watching on OTT

Superhero shows and movies you might have missed watching on OTT
By Shaheen

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The Flash is making headlines after its seventh season released. The superhero with superspeed is undoubtedly the most-loved character in DC.

Thus it is no wonder that the TV show has extended to many seasons and continues to rule people's hearts. Not just shows, The Flash has also played an important part in DC movies too.

However, unlike The Flash, there are various DC superheroes who have gone unnoticed, even when they can easily be streamed on OTT.

Here's looking at a few of them...



Stephen Amell plays the leading role of Green Arrow, who transformed from a rich young brat into a responsible superhero, which training in the island of Lian Yu. Not many know or credit the DC superhero, but Netflix has a whole show dedicated to him.

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Black Lightning

Just like Green Arrow, not many are aware about the story of Black Lightning. A superhero who has retired, comes back in action when his neighbourhood is threatened. He also came to notice for being the first Black superhero. The show is also available for streaming on Netflix India.

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Another underrated DC character is that of John Constantine. Matt Ryan features as the demon hunter in the TV series Constantine, which focuses on battles he has to pick. The TV series is available for viewing on Amazon Prime Video. Luke Cage A character that gives Hulk tough competition, Luke Cage is a character ignored in the Marvel series. He boasts of superstrength and a skin that cannot break, literally. The TV show can be streamed on Netflix India.

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