The Mambo Kings to Puss in Boot: These Antonio Banderas movies prove his versatility
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The Mambo Kings to Puss in Boot: These Antonio Banderas movies prove his versatility
Akshay Krishna
Aug 10, 2021

Antonio Banderas was first introduced to audiences over three decades ago in Pedro Almodovar’s Labyrinth of Passion, which was followed by a series of films. He made his English film debut 10 years later in The Mambo Kings. Movies such as Evita and The Mask of Zorro followed and made him a popular figure and a leading man. Dashing and charismatic, Banderas forced his way into the hearts of the audience and has been much loved ever since. With nominations and awards ranging from Golden Globes to Tony awards, the actor won the Cannes Best Actor Award in 2019 for his role in Almodovar’s Pain and Glory. Here are some of Bandera’s top movies that are available on OTT:

7.6OTTplay Rating
Desperado follows Mariachi (Banderas) who takes on the dark underworld, after a drug lord kills his lover. Setting out with a guitar case full of guns, Mariachi leaves a trail of blood and bullets to get to Bucho (Joaquim de Almeida). Desperado is the perfect watch if you love fast-paced action sequences, guns and blood. Banderas is as dashing as ever but also dangerous and you don't want to miss him as El Mariachi.
The Mambo Kings
6.6OTTplay Rating
Based on the Pulitzer-winning novel The Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love, the film follows brothers Cesar (Armand Assante) and Nesto (Banderas), who leave Cuba to bring their unique music to New York City. If you love music and a good drama, The Mambo Kings is your pick. With stellar performances and a story that feeds off emotions, the film captivates and also strikes a chord with the audience.
The Mask of Zorro
7.1OTTplay Rating
This film follows the swashbuckling Don Diego de la Vega (Anthony Hopkins), the original Zorro, who returns from prison and is in search of his long lost daughter, who is now with corrupt governor Rafael Montero (Stuart Wilson). He picks up Alejandro Murrieta (Banderas) and trains him to be the next Zorro. The film is now iconic for its sword-swinging, action sequences. Banderas seamlessly adds his charm and wit to the role. If you love sword fights, then The Mask of Zorro should be on your list.
7.8OTTplay Rating
Philadelphia came out at a time the world was ignorant about HIV and AIDS. Following Andrew Beckett (Tom Hanks), a gay lawyer who decides to sue a powerful law firm for firing him after learning about his sexual orientation and positive HIV status. Antonio Banderas plays Miguel, Beckett's faithful lover. This courtroom drama is a piece of cinematic history simply for the topic it addresses. One of the first mainstream films to acknowledge AIDS, homosexuality and homophobia, it was an eye-opener too. With powerful performances and script, this is a must watch.
Interview with the Vampire
7.9OTTplay Rating
Telling his story to a biographer (Christian Slater) is Louis (Brad Pitt), who was born as a 18th century lord. Louis was turned into a vampire by Lestat (Tom Cruise), after the death of his wife and daughter. Banderas sends chills down our spines as the bloodsuckig vampire Armand in the movie. Interview with the Vampire is a chilling, gothic horror film that always finds ways to entice and enthrall fans of the genre. The movie sees fantastic performances from its cast, a mesmeric background score and a lot of goth and dark themes which gives it an edge.
Spy Kids
5.9OTTplay Rating
Carmen (Alexa Vega) and Juni (Daryl Sabara) set out on a mission to save their parents, who were former spies gone AWOL. Armed with a bag of gadgets and gizmos, the two children dash across the world to save their parents as well as the world from an evil mastermind. Spy Kids is a movie with a cult following and it is just overall fun to see two children embark on an adventure. With action, family drama, adventure, comedy and so much more, Spy Kids is a movie you are sure to enjoy.
Puss in Boots
6.7OTTplay Rating
The animated adventure film follows Puss in Boots (Banderas), a fugitive on the run to restore his honour, who teams up with Humpty Dumpty (Zach Galifianakis) and Kitty Softpaw (Salma Heyek) as they are pitted against Jack and Jill, two outlaws who possess magical beans. Puss in Boots is a visual treat and has an abundance of wit, well-choreographed action and comedy.

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