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Workplace sitcoms that'll have you rethinking your career choices

From The Office to Scrubs, these comedies really drive home the phrase ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’

  • Shilpa S

  • OTTplay

Last Updated: 02.16 PM, Dec 22, 2021


Silver screen works that hit close to home don't always make for a relaxing watch. But sitcoms centred around the workplace seem to have gotten the hang of finding humour in the dull and drag of the daily grind, if their huge popularity is anything to go by. From retail to medicine to law enforcement, there seems to be a new comedy centred around a new place of employment each day, each one funnier than the last.

Looking for a day to unwind after a hard day of work? Check out these hilarious workplace comedies that’ll either make you wish for a career change, or be grateful for the job you have now.

The Office
Arguably a pop culture staple when it comes to workplace comedies, The Office explores the lives of the employees of an American paper company, Dunder Mifflin. Although the work is dull and boring, the hilarious quirks and antics of its disillusioned employees make up for the drudgery of the work. And leading the fun is the office boss, regional manager Michael Scott, possibly the only employer in history to unironically call his office ‘family’. With its at times outrageously satirical humour coupled with genuinely heartwarming moments, it's no wonder that the show, based off of the British series of the same name, has acquired such a dedicated fan following throughout, and even after, its nine season run.
Parks and Recreation
Government offices are not exactly known for their fastidiousness or efficiency, and Parks and Recreation gives viewers a peek behind the curtains of the administrative antics that cause it. The show follows the story of the employees of the titular government department, in particular its deputy director and cheerful workaholic Leslie Knope. Of all the disillusioned employees in the department, Knope is the only one who started working there with a genuine passion and interest for government service, something she reveals herself to be quite skilled at. The acclaimed series also comes from the creators of The Office.
One of the few sitcoms that tackle the ups and downs of workers in the retail sector, Superstore is set in a fictional big box chain store in America. The series delves into the lives of its quirky employees, who in addition to having to deal with the personal struggles in their life also have to put up with outrageous customers, snarky co-workers, an annoyingly cheerful boss and higher authorities that have no ears for their problems. The show deals with some very real plights minimum wage workers in big chain supermarkets have to go through, in a witty yet thought provoking way through its storylines.
Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Catching bad guys doesnt always have to be serious, and can even be fun, as Brooklyn Nine-Nine has demonstrated. The sitcom, set in the titular New York town, follows the lives of law enforcement officers part of the NYPD. From keeping the city safe to having each other's back, the 99th precinct does it all. The series not only received critical acclaim, but also became a hit with audiences as well, becoming lauded for its diverse cast, handling of sensitive issues and humour.
In what seems to be a play on the popular ‘laughter is the best medicine’, Scrubs takes viewers on a journey in the medical field through the eyes of a sarcastic young intern with his head in the clouds. The show revolves around the young man’s personal and professional life, following his journey as he rises the ranks from intern to full fledged medical expert, and the relationships he forges along the way. StarringZach Braff, the show ran for nine seasons.

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