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12 Years a Slave
2 Hr 14 Min
Movie . Drama . History
On . Google Play. YouTube
Director . John Ridley
Starring . Chiwetel Ejiofor, Michael Fassbender, Lupita Nyong'o
12 Years of Slave is a biopic released in 2013, directed by Steve McQueen The movie revolves around Soloman Northup, who is African American man who got kidnapped by a slave pen called Burch. He is later sold off to a plantation owner, William Ford. Northup gets into a fight with the plantation carpenter named John Tibeats and he ends up beating him up. Due to that Northup is hung by his neck but survives standing on his tiptoes and is cut loose by Ford. After the whole fiasco Ford sells Northup to Edwin Epps who is ruthless and cruel. Epps rapes a slave named Patsey who he favours while she is abused by his wife. Northup meets a Canadian Labourer named Samuel Bass at the gazebo. Northup asks Bass to deliver his letter to New York which he did. One day the sheriff finally came with two more men, Northup recognised Mr. Parker who is a shopkeeper he knew in Saratoga Springs who came to free him. Northup returns home and reconciles with his family.
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Times of India

This is not a movie to be enjoyed but endured. But there lies its disturbing genius.


Indian Express

12 Years A Slave has several such disturbing scenes as McQueen and screenwriter John Ridley bring vibrantly to screen the inhumanity of slavery.



12 Years A Slave is about something we'd all like to believe we have: the human spirit.


The Hindu

At the end of the movie, one is left wondering whether this is the story of one man who managed to defeat the system, or is the story of all those nameless people crushed by it? If it is one man’s story, then we can have hope, but not if it is about the faceless numbers.



A 19th century slave narrative translated to screen, Steve McQueen's Oscar frontrunner is a relentlessly grim and relevant film

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