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Ameer: The growth of OTT platforms is indisputable; filmmakers should update themselves

The actor-filmmaker opened up about a few topics while talking to the press 

  • Thinkal Menon

Last Updated: 06.31 AM, Apr 26, 2022

Ameer: The growth of OTT platforms is indisputable; filmmakers should update themselves


Acclaimed filmmaker Ameer spoke about a few relevant topics in a press interaction which happened in Chennai. He said that the growth of OTT platforms can't be curtailed and that it is another way of reaching more audience. According to him, digital platforms are here to stay and it is pointless in criticizing them. 

He said, "You can't deny the influx of various OTT platforms which are turning out to be a boon for many actors and filmmakers. It is an evolution process. We used to have dramas, which were followed by the popularity of films. Later, television became popular and now, OTT platforms are ruling the entertainment sector."

Ameer added that actors, producers and filmmakers should try utilizing the various opportunities digital platforms are offering. "They should update themselves rather than whining unnecessarily on OTT platforms becoming a threat to exhibitors. Those who keep opposing new developments in entertainment industry will have to sit at home," he pointed out.

When quizzed whether the success of recent pan-Indian films will lead to more demand for high-octane action movies, he said that no trend remains forever. "In recent years, we have witnessed how films like Asuran, Pariyerum Perumal and Karnan were lapped up by the audience. So, people will always encourage engaging films irrespective of the genre," he said. 

The actor-filmmaker opined that over obsession with pan-Indian films is dangerous as it is similar to the concept of one nation, one language, one culture and one food habit. 

On leading Tamil stars receiving ₹100 crores as their remuneration which results in the poor outcome of big budget flicks, Ameer said that they can't be blamed when there are producers who don't mind shelling out money. "A big star demands huge salary and if a producer is ready to offer it, it's because of the actor's market. The criticism should be on the quality of films, and not on their remuneration," he added.