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Bigg Boss 15 November 18 2021 written update: Karan, Tejasswi, Neha, Jay, Rajiv nominated for evictions
Shaheen Irani
Nov 18, 2021
cover image
Bigg Boss 15 - Karan Kundrra, Tejasswi Prakash.

Bigg Boss 15's day 47 continues with Karan Kundrra telling Tejasswi Prakash about Pratik Sehajpal's behaviour in the task. Simba reacts in front of Jay Bhanushali and Neha Bhasin. When Jay talks about the task becoming radd, Pratik Sehajpal argues, stating it is not possible in this task. Vishal Kotian supports Karan doing the task radd. Jay states how the other team is thinking about radd. Nishant Bhat then asks about Karan breaking the prop. Karan is still upset with Pratik about the same. Nishant defends Pratik's behaviour. Tejasswi then talks to Karan calmly. She says she will leave the house once he goes.

The task continues. Vishal, Nishant and Umar Riaz are in competition. Neha Bhasin then tells Simba she cannot trust Nishant and he says she shouldn't either. Meanwhile, Karan talks about how people will be united and he and Tejasswi will be left alone. Jay then asks the trio why he should give them the power. Jay gives the power to Vishal.

Pratik comes and confronts Neha about her behaviour with him. He then walks out of there. She ends up calling him a fake friend. Karan, on the other hand, talks about Nishant. He says that while Nishant is a genuine person and is emotional, he also thinks about the tasks. Pratik later gives the power in the task to Nishant. Tejasswi, Umar and Vishal then discuss how everyone knew Nishant will win. They call Jay phuss.

Rajiv is no longer imprisoned. Nishant teases him. Nishant gets to decide who two contestants apart from Rajiv will be upgraded to VIP room. The non-VIPs will replace the VIPs. The non VIPs get extremely excited on hearing so. Nishant cannot take any guidance on taking the decision. Nishant takes Pratik and Simba to VIP room. Karan and Tejasswi are now non VIPs. Umar, who thought he was getting downgraded, is pleasantly surprised. Karan and Tejasswi also become nominated for evictions. Thus, Rajiv, Neha, Jay, Karan and Tejasswi are nominated for evictions. Jay is okay with the decision. Nishant then tells Jay that Karan is very upset. Karan, Tejasswi and Vishal make fun of Nishant and Jay. Neha, on the other hand, is upset with Nishant for picking Simba.

Neha requests Pratik to not make fun of her and asks him to leave. Rajiv asks Pratik to leave and gives Neha a hug to calm her down. Neha almost breaks into tears as he gives her a kiss on the cheek and says he is always there for her.

Karan asks Umar about Pratik's changed behaviour. Karan then thinks about how Nishant picked even Vishal above him. He also talks about how Nishant has blindfolded Jay too. Meanwhile, Jay says he has no expectations from anyone. Karan tells Umar that Jay told him that Nishant was Jay's priority. This makes him laugh. Nishant tells Simba and Pratik about how Karan is intelligent but an overthinker. Pratik feels how can idiots feel they are smart and that they make him believe he is an idiot.

Karan tells Tejasswi that the two might not be a team. He says it might not be the best option for her. She asks him to stop overacting, stating he isn't liability for her, stating that a team of two is always better.

Jay tells Neha that his friends are different from the game and she disagrees. She talks about how Nishant asks for justification from everyone. Pratik and Nishant talk about how people are heartless. Pratik says that he is ashamed of Neha and Karan. Nishant says Karan cannot take loss well.

The contestants wake up to Apna Time Aayega on day 48. Nishant teases Rajiv stating the song was for him. As Tejasswi asks to Rajiv about food, Nishant, Pratik and Rajiv discuss about food. Tejasswi suddenly gets upset, leaving everyone surprised. She discusses the matter with Jay. He asks her to be careful when she talks. He recounts the times when she was rude. Karan then asks her why she cried and said nobody could come close to him in real life.

Pratik apologizes to Neha and leaves. Tejasswi talks to Karan and Rajiv about how Jay recounted when she was rude. While Nishant and Jay discuss about Tejasswi's changed attitude, she wonders what went wrong. When Karan says that Nishant was enjoying seeing her cry, she says that affected her. Karan almost gives her a kiss, in order to make her smile again. He then goes on to explain Nishant about the situation. He further talks to Jay about the matter too. Jay then talks to Nishant about how Karan did not approach him when Karan was a VIP member.

Neha talks to Jay about how she wanted to keep her emotions separate from the game. She says she made mistakes and doesn't wish to get in emotions anymore. Jay just tells her 'Apna Time Aayega'. Interestingly, Jay later bonds with Pratik over family. Jay says the two always speak up on the same topic. Pratik believes in strong relations. He then appreciated Jay for being fair.

Nishant narrates a funny skit. Vishal asks Neha if she and Pratik are Tom and Jerry. Neha says she stopped talking to Pratik from outside and says their temperaments don't match. Meanwhile, Karan calls Tejasswi soni and cute. She then gives him a back hug and they enjoy a private moment.

Umar asks Pratik what task should they assign Jay. Soon, Bigg Boss announces a new task. Karan-Tejasswi, Rajiv-Nishant and Vishal-Neha. The task is obstacle course and washing their face at the end of the task. Jay is the moderator of the task. Karan-Tejasswi take 2.09 minutes to complete the task. Vishal-Neha complete it in a fun manner in 1.29 minutes. Rajiv-Nishant complete it in 2.50 minutes. They make the task the most fun. Thus, Neha-Vishal win the task.

Nobody lets Tejasswi talk. This makes Neha lose her calm. Tejasswi says they are becoming like Mieshaan. They discuss about how Nishant changes the topic, which Karan can't do. The episode ends on that note.

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