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Bigg Boss 15 November 19 2021 written update: Neha Bhasin asks Pratik Sehajpal if the women in his life are pawns

Meanwhile, Tejasswi Prakash confessed she likes Karan Kundrra too.

Shaheen Irani
Nov 19, 2021
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Bigg Boss 15.

Day 48 in the Bigg Boss 15 house continues with Pratik Sehajpal asking about kitchen duties. Umar Riaz and Jay Bhanushali have an argument over cleanliness. Karan Kundrra takes over kitchen cleanliness. As Tejasswi Prakash comes to help him, Karan asks her to stop Umar from fighting for him. Rajiv Adatia then screams to Neha Bhasin about Tejasswi.

Later at night, the housemates talk about kitchen duties. Simba is seen sleeping as the major discussion goes on. Pratik talks when Rajiv tries to talk to Tejasswi. Neha interrupts Pratik and gets into a major argument. Nishant Bhat and Umar ask them to relax but neither are ready to listen to them. In the middle of the argument, Nishant comes and throws and breaks a dustbin from the house. He loses it on Neha too. She gets upset as he asks her to shut up. The fight gets violent from Neha's side. She loses it on everyone who comes near her.

Vishal Kotian later gives Nishant a hug and calls him angry young man. Meanwhile, Rajiv tries to stop Neha. She comes and continues the fight with Nishant. Neha then gets violent with Pratik too and calls him shitty. Simba still keeps sleeping despite the big arguments.

Rajiv, Jay and Umar discuss how Neha's behaviour is justified considering her friends would ask her to leave. As Pratik and Nishant discuss the situation, Karan comes in. He praises Pratik's behaviour. Rajiv, on the other hand, tells Karan and Umar separately that Pratik is completely wrong. On hearing the same, Neha gets into the argument. Pratik and Nishant, on the other hand, sit separately. Pratik stops Nishant from reacting stating that even he is getting furious but it won't be smart. Pratik then confronts Neha in front of everyone. Meanwhile, Tejasswi picks up the pieces of the broken dustbin. Neha gives her monologues and everybody hears on.

Umar tells Nishant that it was Neha's birthday. Meanwhile, Neha keeps going with Pratik and he also almost loses his calm. Simba wakes up after everything is over. The housemates wish Neha. Pratik and Nishant stay back and smile while looking at each other. Pratik comes forward and Nishant follows. Jay calls them gatecrashers and Neha breaks down. Pratik gives her a hug, followed by Nishant. Vishal and Umar go shirtless to wish the singer. Pratik offers Neha hot chocolate. She accepts it but not whole-heartedly. Pratik later suggests he and Neha can be neutral with each other for humanitarian reasons. Neha and Nishant end up arguing again.

Day 49 in the house begins with the contestants dancing to Radha. Umar and Jay end up discussing kitchen duties again. Neha is then seen talking to Nishant about the matter. Meanwhile, Pratik goes and talks to Vishal about his personal work. Nishant joins in and says they could request the non VIP members to work.

Tejasswi talks to Vishal about Nishant. She recalls how the choreographer gave her a hug and said that relations are bigger for him than the game. Rajiv refuses to do kitchen duties. He complains to Nishant about how he isn't even allowed to bathe in peace. Tejasswi, on the other hand, complains if Rajiv does any task. He comes and argues with her for the statement. Nishant discusses with Neha how what happening with Rajiv is wrong but the entrepreneur doesn't take a stand for himself. Rajiv walks out of the kitchen. Neha advises him to take a stand for himself and just be to the point. Rajiv and Tejasswi end up sorting their differences.

Some time later, we see Karan talking to Umar about how he is affected by Tejasswi talking to Vishal and keeping it to herself. Pratik gets emotional and apologizes to Neha about what happened with her outside the house. She asks him if the women in his life are pawns who he uses for a short period of time.

Rajiv praises TejRan. Tejasswi says she likes Karan, calling him sweet. Meanwhile, Simba is seen telling Neha about how people are pretending to be someone else. He gives an example of Jay and says he's very desperate. Simba adds how Jay's talks appear foolish. He found Jay refusing to pick up cigarette buds stupid. The episode ends on that note.

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