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Bigg Boss 15 November 25 2021 written update: Jay Bhanushali, Vishal Kotian, Neha Bhasin out of the house
Shaheen Irani
Nov 25, 2021
cover image
Bigg Boss 15 - Pratik Sehajpal, Shamita Shetty, Neha Bhasin, Vishal Kotian.

Day 55 in the Bigg Boss 15 house begins with the contestants waking up to Khwab Dekhe. Shamita Shetty swaps her duties with Tejasswi Prakash. Karan Kundrra scolds Tejasswi stating that now she has to do chopping all day long.

The kukudooku goes off and the blame game goes on between Tejasswi and Jay Bhanushali. Tejasswi then flirts with Bigg Boss and Jay says the love is one way.

Vishal Kotian asks Shamita about her and Tejasswi. Jay talks to Nishant Bhat about strategy and the choreographer says that they will see where things go.

Bharti Singh and Haarsh Limbichiyaa are back! They have to take care of the house while Bigg Boss is away. Bharti flirts with Pratik Sehajpal, while Haarsh flirts with Neha Bhasin and Shamita.

The new task is here. The bottom five have to gather the top five contestants' attention. TejRan get on one side with Umar while the OTT contestants aka Shamita, Nishant and Pratik plan a strategy.

The task begins and Rajiv Adatia goes first, followed by Umar, Neha and Jay. Vishal goes behind Shamita. Umar goes shirtless in front of TejRan. Meanwhile, Rajiv jumps in the pool. Tejasswi says it's very tough while dancing with Nishant. Umar then goes on to the extent of allowing Tejasswi to touch his ass.

Jay dresses up like a girl. As he approaches TejRan, Umar comes spreading foam all over. Haarsh says Rajiv reminds him of Kamal Haasan from Sadma.

Umar and Rajiv try to get Karan's attention but fail. Bharti says Umar has become 'naachta hua paneer'. Vishal, on the other hand, mimics Kulbhushan Kharbanda in front of Pratik. Umar and Neha also go to Pratik and try to irk him.

Jay uses toilet paper on Tejasswi. Bharti pleads to Bigg Boss to let Umar stay on the show. Vishal goes to Shamita and Nishant says he is bored, as a taunt to Vishal. Neha and Rajiv go to Tejasswi.

Rajiv manages to make Shamita laugh. Umar also makes Tejasswi laugh, when Karan saves her. Bharti praises Umar and Rajiv's efforts. Karan turns blind to ignore his friends. Meanwhile, Jay instigates Pratik while Neha tries to grab his attention. She and Bharti ask Jay to do something.

Karan helps Rajiv and Umar. On the other hand, Jay applies lipstick on Shamita. Nishant remembers Afsana Khan's song Titliyaan Wargaan. Tejasswi comes and saves Shamita. She laughs again thanks to Rajiv. Bharti and Haarsh are bored and ask Bigg Boss to play Khatra Khatra Khatra.

Nishant hits Rajiv with a broom slyly. Rajiv then goes OTT with a plastic flower. Bharti and Haarsh ask Jay to continue the task but he gives no reaction. The two then talk about evictions.

Everyone picks on Rajiv. Vishal asks Neha why Jay gave up and she refuses to answer him. Vishal and Neha say that they are here to do anything for the game and are upset with Jay.

Neha tells Shamita that while Karan was having fun, Nishant and Pratik were dead and so they didn't feel like going to them. The singer then breaks down, when Tejasswi enters the room. She praises Karan and Tejasswi in front of Jay and Shamita. The singer tells Umar he should have been in OTT. Neha gets a hug from the whole house in installments.

Bharti and Haarsh announce the evictions. Three contestants will be out of the house. Haarsh announces that Umar and Rajiv are safe. Jay, Neha and Vishal leave the house. Shamita breaks down and so does Tejasswi. Karan also sheds tears as he gives Vishal a hug. Neha gives Pratik a hug before leaving. Seeing everyone, Vishal also breaks down. Tejasswi is inconsolable since Jay-Veeru leave the house. Rajiv is also seen crying seeing the eviction. Shamita is inconsolable once Neha and Vishal leave the house. With that, Bharti and Haarsh leave too.

Tejasswi cries her heart out to Karan. She then gets into Hulk mode. Umar tells Karan about how Rajiv motivated him. Tejasswi says it is OTT and they feel like wildcards. She says Pratik says wrong things. Karan covers his face on hearing that. Tejasswi also says that he speaks his heart which is good.

Bigg Boss talks about all the wrongdoings of the contestants. He introduces the wild card entrants, who are still a mystery. TejRan continue Vishal's ritual of commentary. The episode ends on that note.

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