Bigg Boss 15 October 7 written update: Pratik Sehajpal, Nishant Bhat, Shamita Shetty part ways
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Bigg Boss 15 October 7 written update: Pratik Sehajpal, Nishant Bhat, Shamita Shetty part ways

Karan Kundraa was the mastermind behind the plan of separating the 'gharwasi'.

Shaheen Irani
Oct 07, 2021
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Bigg Boss 15 - Pratik Sehajpal, Shamita Shetty.

Day 6 of Bigg Boss 15 begins with contestants grooving to Kar Gayi Chull. Pratik Sehajpal talks to Akasa Singh about her ignoring her. She says his ego was hurt and ends up in tears.

Big G enters the house. Afsana Khan plays with him. He brings a new hint at what would happen in the house.

Karan Kundrra complains to Nishant Bhat about how he cannot groom himself because Bigg Boss has taken their luggage. Meanwhile, Vishal Kotian visits the house and starts his commentary.

Karan later goes and reminds Jay Bhanushali and team about how Weekend Ka Vaar is coming closer. On Karan's advice, the junglewasi agree to get into action. On the other hand, Nishant Bhat warns Shamita Shetty that the contestants will try and toy with them.

Ieshaan Sehgaal and Pratik get into a verbal spat. Miesha calls the latter a 'chamcha' and Pratik calls her 'fake'.

Vishwa sun-tree makes a deal with everyone to get their luggage. Five contestants will not get their luggage and the junglewasi discuss who it will be.

Shamita and Nishant lose their minds over Afsana taking sugar from them. Meanwhile, the fight between Ieshaan and Pratik continues. This time, Miesha stands next to Pratik to stop him from going into the cave.

Karan and Nishant get into an argument after the latter explains the rules. Meanwhile, Vishal explains to Shamita about how to deal with Afsana. He says that she believes that Bigg Boss sends cornflakes and fruits for her.

Pratik ends up fighting with Jay again. Vishal then questions Shamita and Nishant why he is behaving a certain way.

Karan and Simba plan to make Shamita lose her mind. They know that once she breaks out of the unity, the junglewasi will get their map back.

Afsana, Vidhi and everyone gather to stop Pratik. Tejasswi hugs Pratik to stop him from going in the cave. This time, the junglewasi use Pratik's strategy and hide the map for later use.

Pratik and Miesha end up fighting. Pratik tries to snatch a bag from Jay's hand. They do not stop till two warnings from Bigg Boss and Nishant come between them. Pratik later tries to stop Ieshaan too.

Upset with the show, Nishant asks Bigg Boss to send him back home. Ieshaan, on the other hand, irks Pratik, who says that he is ready to even break the lock.

Shamita ends up fighting with Pratik for not being reasonable with them. The former tells Pratik that she will give the junglewasi the map if he thinks it is an individual game. Shamita calls Pratik 'selfish' and says it doesn't work that way.

When Shamita gives the junglewasi a part of the map, Nishant loses his control. The latter says Shamita is behaving exactly like Pratik. Their fight turns intense with a screaming match. Shamita calls Pratik a 'spoiled brat' and loses her control.

Karan tells his mates that Shamita's luggage will go if Pratik doesn't behave. She argues with him. Pratik comes and talks about the washroom situation. When he warns about ruining junglewasi's washroom, Karan says the repurcussions will be faced by all the three contestants.

Vishal tries to calm Shamita down. He talks to Karan about the situation. Vishal then discusses the whole situation with Jay. He goes back to Shamita, who is confused about Nishant's stand. She feels Nishant is scared of Pratik which is why he doesn't raise his voice with him. Shamita, on the other hand, says she cannot play Pratik's game.

Jay, on the other hand, tells Nishant about their washroom being dirty. He offers help which Nishant refuses. Karan says that they didn't attack Nishant. He then tells Nishant that Pratik cannot change. Karan says that he can't trust Jay and Vishal.

Karan teases Vidhi stating she has disappeared from the show. When he tells her that he is grateful to have her, Vidhi asks her to stand in line. Karan then asks her to Google his name.

Jay laughs with the group over Sahil Shroff talking to Pratik. The whole group mimics what their discussions could be. Later, Nishant asks Pratik what is the point of them working together. Upset with Shamita, he says he doesn't want to even see her face.

Romance brews between Miesha and Ieshaan. She asks him about the kind of girls he likes and reveals she loves off-beat guys who can tolerate her. Miesha gets disgusted when Ieshaan reveals he fell in love with her when she cried. The episode ends there.

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