Bigg Boss 15 October 8 2021 written update: Shamita Shetty becomes the first captain of the house
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Bigg Boss 15 October 8 2021 written update: Shamita Shetty becomes the first captain of the house

Miesha Iyer and Ieshaan Sehgaal's romance game was strong on day 7 of Bigg Boss 15.

Shaheen Irani
Oct 08, 2021
cover image
Bigg Boss 15 - Shamita Shetty.

The contestants wake up to Padmaavat song Malhari on day 7 of Bigg Boss 15. Umar Riaz, Ieshaan Sehgaal, Tejasswi Prakash and Vishal Kotian groove in sync.

Pratik Sehajpal reads a new announcement. Later, Shamita Shetty tells the jungle wasi that she is unhappy around the energy in the house. Jay Bhanushali and Vishal ask her to join them.

Karan Kundrra tricks Pratik into thinking he is hiding something important. Meanwhile, Shamita and Nishant argue about why he screamed at her a day back.

Ieshaan and Miesha Iyer lie down on the grass and get a little romantic. He asks her if she actually likes him. On the other hand, Nishant tells Pratik that the first person he will throw out is Shamita.

Vishal teases Miesha with Ieshaan's name in front of the house. Shamita then asks Vishal if a relationship develops within a week, hinting at the budding couple. Miesha also feels they are going too fast. Ieshaan, however, calls it natural. Vishal then makes the rooster noise for the couple, making both Ieshaan and Miesha laugh.

The boys unite to make a plan to defeat Pratik's strategies. Later, when Miesha and Ieshaan continue their romance, Afsana makes an announcement where she asks them to control, stating that 'people miss their loved ones after seeing the love brewing in others'.

Vidhi informs jungle wasi about how Pratik and Nishant unhinged the door to their washroom, while she was taking a shower. On the other hand, Shamita tells Vishal and Jay that the jungle wasi should start using the ghar wasi's washroom. Vidhi then talks to Pratik about her showering when they unhinged the door. This leads to a massive discussion and argument in the house. Pratik tells Vishal he wouldn't have reacted the way people did for Vidhi if he was in a game and his sister was taking a bath. Vishal says they are from different worlds and thus, the argument stops.

Karan then spills the beans on his plan and tells Nishant he has used him to get closer to the house. He then tells the choreographer about how stupid it was to unhinge the door when the map was moved to a different location anyway. Pratik appreciates Karan's game in front of Nishant and says he can't trust the actor anymore.

Afsana gets emotional and Karan apologizes and consoles her. Pratik and Nishant mimic Shamita - about how she will talk to Raqesh Bapat once out of the house.

Tejasswi announces the captaincy task. A 'bhediya' has to be fed the chicken with Pratik, Nishant and Shamita's names. The name who isn't sacrificed will automatically become the first captain of the house. Shamita and Nishant try to convince Jay to be the captain. Jay discusses the strategy with the jungle wasi. They decide to make Shamita the captain. Pratik discusses a strategy with Nishant and he asks Pratik to stop for this round. Vishal goes first and sacrifices Pratik. Donal sacrifices Nishant, right after he tries to convince her to make him captain.

As the jungle wasi talk to Shamita, Pratik comes in and tells the jungle wasi to surprise themselves and make Pratik captain. Meanwhile, Nishant says he's pissed off with Karan. Vishal strikes a deal with Pratik to get the map in turn of becoming the captain. Sahil goes next and sacrifices Nishant. With that, the choreographer is out of the captaincy race.

Tejasswi and Donal fight over kitchen duties. Some time later, Ieshaan sacrifices 'macchar' Pratik. The Bebakee actor calls Ieshaan 'gadhe' in return. With the sacrifice, Pratik gets out of the race and Shamita becomes the first captain of the house.

Pratik and Shamita exchange sarcastic dialogues soon after. Nishant also talks to Karan about how he is upset with the actor. Karan tells the choreographer about how he tried to save him.

Jay, Miesha, Ieshaan and Vishal come in the house and steal food at midnight. Miesha and Ieshaan are seen romancing and giving each other a hug soon after.

Akasa and Simba discuss about Miesha. They pity Ieshaan. When Simba gets confused about their love developing in a week, Akasa corrects him and says they started talking three days back. The episode ends on that note.

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