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Bigg Boss 16 catfight! Tina Datta accuses Sumbul Touqeer Khan of being ‘equally in love with Shalin Bhanot’

Tina and Sumbul had an argument soon after Shalin and MC Stan's fight in the Bigg Boss 16 house.

Bigg Boss 16 catfight! Tina Datta accuses Sumbul Touqeer Khan of being ‘equally in love with Shalin Bhanot’
Bigg Boss 16 - Sumbul Touqeer Khan.
  • Shaheen Irani

Last Updated: 11.28 AM, Nov 19, 2022


Tina Datta, Sumbul Touqeer Khan and Shalin Bhanot have had major arguments in the Bigg Boss 16 house ever since Shalin had his massive fight with MC Stan over Tina. It has now blown over with Tina and Sumbul’s fight since Shalin decided to leave the house. Tina has now accused Sumbul of being ‘equally in love with Shalin.’

Tina almost tried to irk Sumbul by saying she’s in love with Shalin. She further told Sumbul that her ‘actions prove’ that she’s in love with Shalin.

Tina accused Sumbul of coming between her and Shalin because she loves Shalin as much as Tina does. On hearing that, Sumbul dissed it saying Tina ‘thinks that.’ The two stood apart and did not shift glances after what transpired between them.

Watch the promo video here:

In the same promo video released by the makers, Shalin was seen accusing Tina of using him. He showed her a tissue paper and claimed that is how Tina used him and tossed him away.

Tina said she will fix the situation and will get out of the house instead of Shalin. She told Sumbul the same thing. Tina told Sumbul that she went to the confession room to state that she would get evicted from the house instead of Shalin. She then asked Sumbul what she did for Shalin.

It is to be noted that Sumbul had also told Bigg Boss that she will leave the house as she was crying on a bed after the argument between Stan-Shalin and Tina-Shalin. However, when Tina asked her what she did and challenged Sumbul to get out of the house, Sumbul walked out on her.

Tina accused Sumbul of playing smart in the situation. She said, “Log patti padha rahe hai,” to Shalin and that is when Sumbul spoke on behalf of him.

“Tum kaise mujhe bol sakte ho, jab woh banda mere se pyaar karta hai?,” Tina asked Sumbul in fury. She then accused Sumbul of being the reason why she hasn’t been able to speak to Shalin. Tina compared Sumbul to a cello tape and said she is stuck to Shalin just like that.

“You take the advantage and do that on purpose,” Tina told Sumbul while recalling her fights with Shalin. As their fights intensified, Sumbul asked Tina not to challenge her and when things were getting out of hand, Sumbul walked out of the situation.

Do you think Shalin, Tina and Sumbul will be able to bury their differences and move on? Let us know.