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Bigg Boss 16 EXCLUSIVE! Sumbul Touqeer: Took up Salman Khan’s show to reform my image

Sumbul Touqeer started working on TV as a child artist and became one of the most loved on the platform.

Bigg Boss 16 EXCLUSIVE! Sumbul Touqeer: Took up Salman Khan’s show to reform my image
Sumbuk Touqeer (Instagram).
  • Shaheen Irani

Last Updated: 03.10 PM, Oct 02, 2022


Imlie famed Sumbul Touqeer has received love for Bigg Boss 16 ever since fans guessed her in the promo of the show. Now that she is in the house, people think that she is the deserving winner. What does Sumbul think about all the love? And why is she doing Bigg Boss 16 in the first place?

All of this and more questions were answered when Sumbul and OTTplay caught up for a lively and fun chat, right ahead of Bigg Boss 16 Grand Premiere. Excerpts…

You have grown up in front of people following TV. Does Bigg Boss 16 feel like a full circle?

I want to do this show because I wanted to do something different and live on the edge. I wanted to reform my image. That’s my only reason for doing this show.

Were you approached for the show previously? If yes, what made you say no back then?

No, not before this season. Probably because I was underage then. Maybe that is why they picked me only now.

Fans are excited about your entry on the show. Is it overwhelming?

Yes, it is very overwhelming because people recognized me since my promo was out. They understood just hearing my voice, imagine! The way they have spread love for me, it felt really good and now I’m here. I don’t want to disappoint my fans, that’s for sure.

Would you say Bigg Boss has helped people's careers? What do you think it would do to yours?

Yes, Bigg Boss has helped people’s careers. I didn’t exactly think what it would do to my career. That thought never came to my mind when I would think about Bigg Boss.

What do you think about getting into the battlefield with Bigg Boss himself this season?

It’s very interesting. Bigg Boss has never played in any season. So, who knows what will happen? However, I’m hopeful that good things are going to happen to me.

What would you say your career has taught you?

My career has taught me a lot of patience. It also makes me believe in the saying, “This time shall pass.” So, no matter if the time is good or bad, it passes. I have learned that through my career.

Where do you see yourself after the show ends?

After the show, I’ll see myself at my home. I don’t know what will happen, career-wise. It depends on how this journey passes and what happens ahead. I believe that whatever happens will be great.