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Bigg Boss 16 January 21 Written Update: Tina Datta breaks down on hearing Salman Khan's statements

The back-and-forth between Tina Datta and Shalin Bhanot with taunts remains.

Bigg Boss 16 January 21 Written Update: Tina Datta breaks down on hearing Salman Khan's statements
Salman Khan and Tina Datta in Bigg Boss 16
  • Team OTTplay

Last Updated: 02.30 AM, Jan 22, 2023


Salman Khan starts off Shaniavaar Ka Vaar by warning viewers that "Ticket to the Finale" week is quickly coming to an end. He can't stop giggling when he recalls what Sumbul Touqeer Khan said about TTFW. He claims that Shalin Bhanot didn't invite him to Shukravaar Ka Vaar because he was too busy amusing people. The actors who play characters on the show must be disclosed by the competitors. Tina Datta was the choice of Archana Gautam for the Soundarya Sharma incident. Pick Tina as well as Shalin and Sumbul. MC Stan calls Shalin, along with Tina, Shiv Thakare, and Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary. Priyanka was chosen by Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia. Tina and Shalin are both named after Soundarya.

Then Shalin goes to speak with Stan. Later, Tina approaches Stan after overhearing him. Stan is uninterested in either. Then Shalin converses with Soundarya. After Stan finishes, Nimrit responds that they both narrated a narrative. Shiv is questioned by Shalin about how Tina made her look foolish while no one noticed. Before leaving Shalin, Tina asks Shiv if she prepared him breakfast. Shalin asks Shiv if he should trust Tina, and Shiv asks Shalin not to lie. Salman discusses Tina and Shalin before introducing the competitors. Archana, who is afraid and lost, is then spoken to by him. Stan buys Archana a present. Salman Khan has given her a rose in his honour. Archana receives criticism for keeping quiet.

The host then discusses the stories that Tina and Shalin have created. He reveals that the subject was covered in an open forum. He tells Tina and Shalin to explain what happened between them and how they got to where they are now. Shalin takes the initiative and finds it strange every time he sits with Soundarya to witness Tina's laughter. Priyanka comes onto the scene by saying, "Ek ladke se hatti ho, doosre ke paas jaati ho." Shalin argues in favour of Tina's actions during his connection with Soundarya. Next, Tina accuses Shalin of slandering her reputation. When he couldn't respect his ex-wife (Dalljiet Kaur), she said, "I can't demand that from someone."

Salman discusses his divorce and recalls Shalin's line. Shalin claims he is pleased that his ex-wife has found a decent new partner. Salman encourages Shalin to express his happiness for Tina. He declines to do so, and Salman will not accept his reason. However, Shalin explains his position. Next, the host addresses Tina's comment to Priyanka about Shalin scheduling a meeting with Tina outside the home. According to Shalin, Tina recruited his PR.

Gautam Singh Vig's name gets brought up on the broadcast once more as the Dubai situation drags on. Shalin receives a reprimand from Soundarya Sharma. She breaks down in tears. Salman discusses Tina's claim that Shalin had asked for something "so inexpensive" that she hadn't disclosed. Tina then reveals that Shalin paid the PR Rs. 10 lakhs to act as his PR. When Shalin says he would give up his reputation for his ex-wife's, Salman says Shalin is very good at that. Tina, according to Shalin, has brought his family low and is damaging his name. Although practically annoyed, Salman continues to speak to Priyanka. He continues by asserting that Tina's statement to her is a public statement.

Tina cries and protests. Salman keeps pressing Tina to explain her terrible feelings in light of Shalin's outside-the-house planning. Salman continues by claiming to be well-aware of Shalin and his ex-wife but isn't bringing them up out of concern for Shalin's safety. Priyanka is informed by Salman that she is being used in the home. Tina cries once more and tells Salman that she wishes to return home. Tina sobs, folds her hands, and asks him if she can go home as Priyanka tries to calm her down. Shalin is criticised by Salman for being a lousy sport and for blaming others. Shalin begs for his name not to be associated with Tina. Tina also rejects Priyanka's advances.

Even after Salman leaves, Priyanka and Shalin still argue. Shalin is asked by Priyanka not to blame Tina, and she assures him that Tina won't even use his name. She then approaches Tina, who is still sobbing, and requests to be taken home. Shalin informs the mandali that a press conference will be held with their PR. According to Shiv, Shalin's manager also called. Shiv begs Sajid to stop dragging Farah Khan and Sajid Khan around. Then he and Stan leave the conversation.

Contrarily, Soundarya asserts that Gautam Singh Vig also had ideas. Tina keeps sobbing, and Priyanka comforts her. She keeps chanting. When Shalin comes in, Priyanka requests that he go. He claims to be concerned about her and wants to speak with her. Upon his entry, Tina becomes distraught, and Priyanka chastises him. Archana arrives to discuss how Shalin was Devdas with Tina and Priyanka, saying that Tina played the role. Shalin tells Tina that it's time for them to talk. Shalin is urged by Priyanka to be considerate of others' time. This time, Tina soothes her.

Shiv is spoken to by Shalin, who requests that he move Tina to the side so that he can speak with him. Shiv declines, claiming Tina would become angry and it would appear false. Shalin reacts incorrectly to Shiv as Archana cracks a joke that makes Priyanka and Tina giggle. Tina continues to sob and beg Bigg Boss to take her home.

Sajid, who missed Abdu Rozik the most after he left, is then welcomed by Salman. Of course, he also overlooked the mandali. Abdu enters as well, singing Pyaar. Salman said he tried calling Abdu but got a busy signal. Abdu says that Salman would have had to go to the event even if he hadn't been invited. Signals reveal who Abdu does not like in the house. Signals reveal who Abdu does not like in the house. Shalin is there. He adores Stan and Shiv. Abdu admits he doesn't have a girlfriend outside of his home. Sajid despises Shalin and Archana but adores Shiv and Stan.

Salman queries Sajid as to whether Shalin spoke with him outside the home. Sajid claims he received a call, and Shalin nominated him the following day, despite their agreement to look out for one another. The main actors are Stan, Soundarya, Tina, Shalin, Archana, and Shiv as supporting actors, and Nimrit, Sumbul, and Priyanka as extras, according to Sajid. Sajid steps in to take Priyanka's place as the main character and Soundarya's place as the extra when Salman describes her as an "extra surprise." According to Sajid, everyone is utilising one another to make the top six.

The Long Son, Short Son Show is performed by Sajid and Salman. The host claims that if Priyanka performed well, he would cast her in his movie. Salman usually worked on the housekeeping by himself. Salman gets questioned by Abdu about Bigg Boss' marital status. Salman claims that if he were married, the woman would have become his Bigg Boss, so he is unmarried.

Salman would call Shalin "Tubelight," Priyanka "Jai Ho," Shiv "Partner," Tina "Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya," Stan "Sultan," Abdu "Tumko Na Bhool Paayenge," and Sajid "Hello Brother." Salman chooses wealth over love. "They would have advanced to the finals," the host continues. Then he plays them the television show footage. Salman then bids them farewell. The host introduces the astrologer and gives him a warm welcome. After June, Salman's time will improve. Then Salman introduces Dibakar Banerjee and Ekta Kapoor. This time, Ekta talks about casting.