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Bigg Boss 16 January 9, 2023 LIVE Highlights: Farah Khan, Shiv’s mother and Priyanka’s brother tap in for the eviction task

Bigg Boss exempted Sajid, Priyanka and Shiv from the eviction task, declaring it a ‘holiday’ for the trio as their loved ones came to stay in the house for a day.

Bigg Boss 16 January 9, 2023 LIVE Highlights: Farah Khan, Shiv’s mother and Priyanka’s brother tap in for the eviction task

  • Shilpa S

Last Updated: 06.11 PM, Jan 09, 2023

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The latest episode of Bigg Boss season 16 was a very special one indeed, as the family members of a few housemates came to stay in the house for an entire day. Sajid’s sister Farah Khan, Shiv’s mother and Priyanka’s brother were welcomed inside the house, and the trio were tasked to take the place of the three housemates for the eviction nomination task. The three outsiders came bearing news of the outside world, bringing some enlightening information with them as well. Shalin and Tina reached a new turn in their relationship, and the housemates were given a chance to earn back a part of the prize money which was lost.

Here’s all that happened in the latest episode of Bigg Boss season 16:

Day 100, 11:45 AM IST

Archana laments how bad she feels. She hopes someone, beloved to her, will come into the house to motivate her and show her the way. Archana prevents Abdu from sleeping as he is captain, and he mocks and imitates her.

Day 100, 12:30 PM IST

The housemates are asked to assemble in the living area by Bigg Boss. The housemates are surprised to see how clean and ordered everything is in the house. Bigg Boss remarks how the show would have ended today if the show had not been ended. He asks who is feeling tired, and some housemates say that they are. He also adds that he will give the housemates ‘holidays’ one by one, as he invites different people to take their place in the activities on different days.

The supreme announces that he has invited some VVIP guests, and reveals that he has provided rations to the whole house. He announces that when he says ‘freeze’, the housemates have to freeze, and when he says ‘release’ they can move. He says that the way the housemates play this game will affect the amount of rations in the house.

Day 100, 9:45 PM IST

Day 100, 12:45 PM IST

Bigg Boss announces, freeze as the housemates are engaged in differet tasks. Abdu is caught in between changing clothes, and he laughs. Sajid gets angry at him for this as he is afraid it will affect rations.

Farah Khan is welcomed by Bigg Boss, on her birthday, and she hugs her brother as he is mid freeze. She tears up as she hugs him and tells him he is doing well, and tells that everyone is proud of him. Sajid also tears up and cries, but still holds the freeze. She also meets the other housemates as well, including Shiv and Shalin. She hugs Shiv and thanks him for taking care of Sajid, and tells him she loves him. She addresses Sumbul and says ‘I love you’ to her as well, talking about how much Sajid teases Sumbul. Bigg Boss releases Sajid, and Farah goes and meets all the other housemates too, hugging and kissing many of them, especially Abdu.

Bigg Boss releases everyone, and Farah meets all the elated housemates. Farah says that she is very happy and excited to be here, and has brought food. Farah brings a message from Ankit, saying that he misses Priyanka. Farah announces that it is the best season of Bigg Boss, apart from that of Sidharth Shukla. Farah reveals that Shalin and Tina’s mothers have had arguments. The filmmaker says that she will stay in the captain's room tonight.

Farah tells Sajid that a lot of people send their regards, including Tabu. Farah appreciates Sumbul, Stan and Shiv. Bigg Boss asks Sumbul to freeze. Farah calls Shalin and Tina’s relationship the most boring love story. Shalin asks Farah about the argument between his and Tina’s others.

Farah says that memes have been made about Tina’s mother and Sumbul’s father. Farah comments that Sajid has lost a lot of weight. Archana says that Sajid is a picky eater.

Farah says that Sajid is annoying on the show.

Day 100, 1:15 PM IST

Farah says she is tense whenever Sajid asks to be nominated for eviction. She talks about her observations, including keeping the taps on while cooking and how Priyanka’s hair falls when she cooks.

Day 100, 1:30 PM IST

Bigg Boss announces a freeze, and Shiv’s mother is welcomed on the show. She hugs her son and he tears up. She goes and meets everyone, after Shiv is released. Many of the housemates tear up when Shiv’s mother hugs them and appreciates them and blesses them all. She spends a lot of time talking to the housemates and touring the house.

Farah talks about the fights Sajid had with Archana and Shalin. Shalin expresses his gratitude towards Farah for his career.

Day 100, 1:45 PM IST

Priyanka’s brother is welcomed, and she cries and whimpers while being frozen. His brother says that she is playing very well. Bigg Boss says that Sajid, Priyanka and Shiv will get holidays from activities for the day. Priyanka is stressed about her family and questions her brother.

Shiv’s mother advises Shalin a lot. She asks him to leave chicken, and Stan laughs. Farah tells Tina that she is much nicer to Mahin the dog than Shalin. Shiv’s mother also advises Tina about her relationship with Shalin.

Stan and Nimrit say that Sajid tries to always lift them up. Shiv’s mother even tells Shiv that Shalin is like Shiv’s big brother. Farah’s food for the entire house soon arrives and everyone dines together . Archana cooks for Shiv’s mother. Farah jokingly calls Archana a ‘bahu’.

Day 100, 2:30 PM IST

Shalin asks if Tina’s love for him feels fake. Farah and Sajid talk about the authenticity of Shalin and Tina’s relationship. Tina asks Priyanka’s brother if it seems like she is torturing Shalin, as both Shiv’s mother and Farah said something along those lines. Shalin apologises to Sumbul. She accepts the apology, but declines Shalin’s request to talk things out.

Day 100, 3:00 PM IST

Farah tells Tina that it seems like she is the one who is always starting and instigating arguments with Shalin. Tina tries to defend herself, but admits that she is very sensitive. Tina asks Farah for advice, the latter asks Tina to go for it if she has feelings. Tina admits clearly that she does have feelings for him. Stan asks Bigg Boss to send his mother. Farah asks Shalin not to be aggressive. Farah discusses the relationship with both Tina and Shalin. Sajid also joins the conversation. Shalin and Tina complain about each other.

Day 100, 3:45 PM IST

Shalin and Tina talk it out. Shalin says that they are very different from each other, and that it would be better if they stayed apart. Shalin says that she has not lost his trust, but it would be better if they stayed apart.

Day 100, 4:30 PM IST

Farah tells Archana that some people like her, but some people don’t. Farah says people like it when she jokes around, and advises her not to cry. Farah talks about the argument Archana had with Sajid, when the filmmaker got triggered when his father was mentioned.

Day 100, 6:45 PM IST

Farah scolds Sajid for dirtying the VVIP bathroom. The nomination task starts, and Bigg Boss says that housemates will be called into the confession room one by one. Farah, Shiv’s mother and Priyanka’s brother will step in for their loved ones.

Bigg Boss says he will divide the housemates into 3 categories- Hyperactive- Archana, Sajid, Priyanka and Shiv.

Active-Tina, Shalin, Soundarya and Abdu.

Lost- Sumbul, Sreejita, Stan and Nimrit.

Day 100, 7:00 PM IST

Farah is called into the house first. Bigg Boss announces that it is not only a nomination task, but also a task to earn back the prize money. Bigg Boss says that on nominating each category, a part of the prize money lost will be gotten back. If the hyperactive category is nominated then; Rs 5 lakhs will come back, if active category is nominated then Rs 10 lakhs will be returned; if lost category is nominated then Rs 20 lakhs from the prize money will come back. Farah, Tina, Shalin, Soundarya, Priyanka’s brother and Archana nominate the lost category. Shiv’s mother nominates the active group, because of Tina. Sumbul, Stan and Nimrit also nominate the active category too because of Shalin and Tina. Stan announces that he is starting to enjoy the game. Abdu nominates the hyperactive category. Abdu reveals to Nimrit that he chose the hyperactive category, as the players are all strong. Sreejita also nominates the active category, because of Tina.

Day 100, 8:00 PM IST

Bigg Boss tells Farah that the damage Sajid did to the VVIP bathroom has been fixed. Bigg Boss announces that the lost category has been nominated the most. So Stan, Sumbul, Sreejita and Nimrit are selected for eviction. The housemates soon figure out that Abdu is the only person who nominated the hyperactive category, and everyone teases him for it.