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Bigg Boss 16 November 1, 2022 Highlights: Shalin and Priyanka’s huge fight causes rifts in her relationship with Ankit

Tuesday’s episode saw the housemates select three nominees for eviction this week.

Bigg Boss 16 November 1, 2022 Highlights: Shalin and Priyanka’s huge fight causes rifts in her relationship with Ankit

  • Shilpa S

Last Updated: 05.35 PM, Nov 01, 2022

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Tuesday’s episode of Bigg Boss 16 saw Shalin and Priyanka have a nasty argument with each other, the ripple effect of which was felt even in her friendship with Ankit. Gautam got a new look, earning him teasing from Abdu and Sajid, and the housemates selected three nominees for eviction this week.

Here’s all that happened:

Soundarya asks Gautam if he’s inhumane, when the captain asks her to do Archana’s chores. Tina complains to Shalin about Soundarya.

Soundarya tells Stan that she is taken for granted in the kitchen just because she does all the work. She becomes emotional and says that she rarely makes fights in the house, and hugs Stan. Tina, Shalin and Sajid make fun of Gautam’s new clean shaved look.

Stan tries to make peace between Gautam and Soundarya. Soundarya still argues, and calls Gautam out for cowardice. Gautam asks Soundarya to mind her language.

Abdu makes fun of Shalin for his love for chicken, and mimics the actor. Archana complains that she did not get enough rotis. Tina, Nimrit and Shalin say Gautam is unfair in his distribution of meals.

Shalin takes offence at Priyanka laughing at Abdu’s mimicry of Shalin. Soon a big argument breaks out between Shalin and Priyanka, and the former says that the actress is making fun of his medical condition. Ankit tries to intervene, and Shalin slams Ankit. Priyanka says she is not fake like Shalin, and the actor is dragged away by Tina. Priyanka declares that the ‘real’ Shalin came out because of her. Abdu innocently asks what is happening, without realising that the issue arrived out of his antics.

Shalin says that he has nothing against Abdu, as they have a special relationship. Archana and Soundarya watch this all. Shalin says that Priyanka is the new Archana. Stan, Gori and Soundarya tell Gautam what happened between Shalin and Priyanka. Shalin, Nimrit and Tina talk about Shiv.

Soundarya and Gautam argue yet again. Gautam asks Soundarya not to taunt her about certain things. Soundarya apologises, and Gautam leaves. The next morning, Gautam says that he does not want to argue with Soundarya over anyone else.

Archana stretches out on a bench to straighten her spine, as Stan, Tina and others look on. She later tells a thrilling story to Soundarya, where the latter faced off against with gang members.

Before, the nomination process, Bigg Boss asks if Gautam deserves special powers as he is captain. The housemates discuss about this, and Soundarya is one of the few people who support Gautam. Nine people say Gautam does not deserve that. Ankit tells Bigg Boss the housemates’ decision.

Bigg Boss gifts the contestants with special ‘jackets’, which are spherical shapes strapped to their backs. Sajid is scolded by Bigg Boss for smoking, and the former apologises and says he won't repeat it.

As per the activity, the housemates are asked to ‘stab’ the people they want to nominate. Sumbul, Soundarya and Archana are nominated for eviction this week. Bigg Boss criticises them for apologising and feeling bad, and says that they should not remove the jackets until told otherwise.

Priyanka continues his argument with Shalin on the topic of ‘aukaat’. Ankit, Sajid and Tina try to calm them down. Priyanka is upset with Ankit for not supporting her. Gautam and Soundarya talk about the nomination process.

Ankit tries to make peace with Priyanka, and the latter cries and says she needs space. Sajid tries to calm them both down. Priyanka says that she had to suffer a lot from Ankit for 2 years, and Ankit says he ahd to as well. They both say that they will only take off their own things from now on.

Sumbul talks about how bad she feels from the housemates’ words. Abdu and Sajid have fun with each other, and call Gautam ‘Chiknu 2’, and play a game with the captain by asking fun questions.

Gori asks Soundarya that they both will not do kitchen duties, and will only wash the dishes. When Soundarya tells this to Gautam, the captain tells her to stay put for the next 2 days at least.

Bigg Boss finally allows the three nominees to take off their jackets and asks them to remember who stabbed them in the back.