Bigg Boss Marathi 3: Mahesh Manjrekar praises Dadus, scolds Mira - here's what exactly happened between them
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Bigg Boss Marathi 3: Mahesh Manjrekar praises Dadus, scolds Mira - here's what exactly happened between them

Mira Jagannath tried to make Dadus' life difficult in the Bigg Boss Marathi 3 house.

Shaheen Irani
Sep 25, 2021
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Mahesh Manjrekar on Bigg Boss Marathi 3.

Bigg Boss' first weekend with Mahesh Manjrekar is here. The actor-host was seen praising 'Dadus' Santosh Chaudhary in the latest promo, while he blasted at Mira Jagannath.

In the promo, Mahesh praised Dadus. The latter reacted to that with folded hands. Meanwhile, the host scolded Mira saying that she should learn to listen to someone at least once.

Watch the promo here:

Bigg Boss Marathi 3 started on a dramatic note. In the first week, the housemates made a group, led by Mira. Since her group does not involve 'Dadus' Santosh Chaudhary, she decided to make a task extremely difficult for him. It was this task where Dadus won people's hearts.

Mira tried to make life difficult for Jay Dudhane in a task. She asked him to be a horse but since the task went on for long, his body started aching. Gayatri Datar asked him to leave the task owing to the pain. Thus, Jay gave up and unfortunately lost out on the opportunity to win the task. Seeing him heartbroken, Dadus and Akshay Waghmare tried to convince the ladies to revoke the decision.

While these females did not revoke their decision, they even went ahead and picked Dadus and Akshay for the next task. In this task, one person has to be a bad chef while the other has to be an uninvited guest. Akshay turned the bad chef while Dadus was the uninvited guest.

According to the rules, Dadus had to complete all of the food served on the table. Akshay began cooking a dish with lots of oil, spices, eggs, salt and even bitter gourd. Mira asked him to add more spices to make Dadus give up on the task. However, the latter completed all of the food, leaving many people in and outside the house emotional.

Despite it all, Mira, along with Gayatri, Meenal Shah and Sonali Patil, wanted to declare Akshay as the winner of the task. However, Sneha Wagh and Vishal Nikam stood up for Dadus. With that, Dadus won praises from all corners, including the recent one from Mahesh Manjrekar.

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