Bigg Boss OTT August 14 2021 written update: Neha Bhasin almost quits show; Raqesh-Shamita turn new captains
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Bigg Boss OTT August 14 2021 written update: Neha Bhasin almost quits show; Raqesh-Shamita turn new captains

Shamita Shetty stops Neha Bhasin from quitting the show after her major fight with 'Moose' Muskaan Jattana.

Shaheen Irani
Aug 13, 2021
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Bigg Boss OTT.

Day 6 begins with the housemates waking up to the Let Me Music Play remix. Pratik Sehajpal then tells Nishant Bhatt about the number of vessels that gather up for washing. He then spoke to Ridhima about not doing the task. She justifies stating that she was unwell. Pratik says that he and Urfi washed the vessels and the rest need to be washed by Ridhima. She refuses to wash the vessels stating that she was unwell and starts arguing with Pratik. Her partner Karan Nath says that he will wash the vessels and has been doing so since day one. Ridhima calls Pratik a 'ganda man'. Karan tries to separate them. Divya Agarwal smiles and laughs standing with Raqesh Bapat, as the fight goes on. Ridhima accuses Pratik of taking 'panga' with her.

Raqesh tells Ridhima he is proud of her. She says that somebody needs to talk back to him. Pratik tells Nishant and Urfi that the conversation shows how a person is. Ridhima continues the discussion and Karan says that there should be timings to do the vessels. Neha Bhasin says that he accuses before thinking.

Nishant feels that Muskaan Jattana (Moose) will ditch him for Pratik. The latter says that he treats her as a friend and they aren't even looking for relationships. Nishant is scared after the buzzer task. Pratik assures Nishant he won't press the buzzer for Moose. Nishant is sure that Moose won't do it either.

Raqesh announces a statue task between team Raqesh and team Pratik. Nishant covers his mask and Neha fights for that. Urfi then requests him and Akshara Singh to remove it. Nishant says that the other team can remove it for the task and Urfi agrees.

Team Pratik aka Pratik-Akshara, Nishant-Moose and Ridhima-Karan are statues. Raqesh and Shamita apply oil near Pratik's legs. He then puts a bowl on his nose, which irks Pratik.

While Divya uses shave and wax on Moose and Nishant, Neha kisses Ridhima. Zeeshan uses a bowl on Akshara. Zeeshan applies garlic paste on Nishant and Moose's lips. Milind Gabba, on the other hand, uses a poop tissue on Nishant and Ridhima's shoulders. Zeeshan then starts bucket challenge and pours buckets of water on Pratik-Akshara, Nishant-Moose and Ridhima-Karan.

Moose walks down and then team Raqesh pours three buckets of water on her and Nishant. The team also uses barbeque smoke. Pratik loses his calm when Zeeshan pours water on him and Akshara continuously.

Divya argues and says that nobody cared when they choked. Zeeshan says that he is making sure that he gives them space to breathe. Pratik and Raqesh argue over the bowl. The former then argues with Zeeshan over the angle he used to pour water.

Nishant joins in the fight, while Akshara consoles Moose after the task. When Nishant points out that the team is doing over, Divya says that she cried. She argued with Shamita that they got the worse side of the deal. Shamita says spice is bad for the skin and they stayed in their limit and weren't inhuman, contrary to what she feels.

Neha then tells Moose that she got spice in her nose and still, she is stopping the other team from going overboard.

The task starts again and Zeeshan's first target is Moose. He uses the bucket and mug. His next target is Pratik and Akshara. As he couldn't breathe, Pratik moved away from the task.

Neha, Shamita and others tickle Ridhima, who controls her laughter. Milind then hands her the loop tissue. Raqesh goes a step further and makes Ridhima smell the shot. He even ends up applying a little of it on her face.

Neha, on the other hand, uses Pratik and Akshara as a canvas and paints a moustache on them.

Zeeshan discusses with Milind how Neha asked him not to target Moose so much. Hearing them, Neha asks Milind to listen to her because she has some brains in the matter. She explains how she wants them to balance and harass the whole team rather than doing it only to Moose.

Moose tells Nishant that she used a smaller bucket on three people while Zeeshan is using a bigger one on them individually. He asks her to talk to Neha and Moose says she's taking it slow because she wants to be friends with Neha.

Raqesh, Shamita and the group discuss who should become the new captains. She says that it should be Ridhima and Karan. Raqesh, on the other hand, says that Pratik and Akshara bring in drama so they will continue. Karan contemplates dropping out of the task. Raqesh walks out when Neha has a different opinion. She says the same. Soon, Shamita and Divya also argue after the latter finds the former 'bossy'. Neha apologizes to Raqesh and he accepts, just asking people to listen to one another.

As soon as the task starts, Zeeshan is back to his bucket task. Ridhima and Karan are his first targets. Raqesh asks him to leave them. Divya, Shamita and Neha take Ridhima, Moose and Akshara's luggage, including makeup.

Raqesh uses lizard to scare Nishant. Divya calls Zeeshan to throw the bags. Nishant, Akshara and Moose's bags are among the ones with Zeeshan. Ridhima disapproves and calls it wrong.

Zeeshan kicks Nishant's bag first and apologizes. Akshara's bag is next. As Ridhima continues arguing, team Raqesh asks her to quit the task. Zeeshan throws Ridhima's makeup bag too. She is, however, unaware that the bag has fruits instead of makeup.

Divya walks out and Neha comes and asks the former to continue her task. After the task ends, Zeeshan clears that all the bags were empty. Akshara lays on the ground soon.

Urfi, who is the moderator, chooses team Raqesh over team Pratik as winners of the task. Everybody apologizes to the other after the decision is taken.

Moose apologizes to Neha for using water during the task. She says she misses the singer.

Divya discusses with Nishant about how Shamita interferes when it comes to her matter with Pratik. Raqesh simply listens to her and justifies Divya's accusations. Nishant asks Raqesh what is wrong with him and asks him to take a stand. Nishant calls some people 'smart' who think 10 steps ahead. He calls her the 'female Pratik' in a dignified manner. When Divya says Shamita should pick between Raqesh or her, Nishant says even Pratik doesn't always stay with Akshara.

Team Raqesh decides who should be captains. Divya says that Zeeshan and her should get it, while Shamita-Raqesh say that they are nominated and the decision might save them. Raqesh-Shamita are the next captains. Pratik says that it was based on performance and Neha asks him to leave.

Shamita apologizes to Raqesh for not listening to him. She then asks Ridhima if they are idiots to have worked for so long and not know anything. She says that she did four reality shows and is thinking ahead. She talks about Divya's comment of being 'bossy'. Raqesh asks Shamita to be the bigger person.

Nishant asks Milind who he thinks should have won. He says that people worked based on emotions. He says Zeeshan and he deserved it more if it was based on performance.

Raqesh and Shamita get a special dish from Swiggy on being the new captains. He calls Bigg Boss very mean since he wanted to share food.

Divya talks to Neha about Shamita's statement on the other team not applying spice. Neha says it is the baggage that comes between them. She says that she spoke to Shamita, who only heard her.

The report card is here and the viewers are still happy with the contestants. Moose comes to Neha and shows how food particles are stuck on washed vessels. They fight again. Neha asks Moose not to talk to her and walks away. Neha even asks Pratik to not talk to her.

Raqesh approaches her. Neha cries inside her bed as he, Shamita and Pratik console her. Shamita asks Moose not to be arrogant. She even asks Nishant not to encourage her. Milind, Ridhima and Karan come to console Neha. When Shamita and Moose start fighting, Pratik asks people to calm down. Raqesh also asks Moose to not be rude and respect people. Nishant asks people not to gang up on one person and hear both sides of the story.

Neha wants to leave the show and Shamita asks her to not do that, stating that the world doesn't revolve around her only. While talking to others, Neha says she felt like breaking Moose's nose.

Raqesh comes and talks to Moose, who says that even Neha talks to her in a similar way. Nishant defends Moose and says that even Shamita cribbed about the vessels and Moose only confronted Neha about it. Raqesh says that Neha should deserve respect since she is older than Moose. The latter says that elders have given her threats too. Nishant says that he would defend anyone ganging up on one person.

Neha tells people about how Moose asked her to move her bed with Milind. She says that she is married and he is about to be married and so, she ignored Moose. The latter then broke down on Urfi not standing by her.

Raqesh says that he feels bad for Moose because she never had the parents' support in childhood and hopes she gets the right help. He asks Moose to move his luggage, hinting that she has taken his spot in the bed. He then confirms that Moose will take Divya's top portion of the bed. She starts clearing her drawers.

Pratik says that Moose is attached to the photos and so, she did not like it that the photos were moved. Divya and Zeeshan justify stating that it was done with love.

Akshara tells Moose about Neha bringing out the Milind topic. Moose points out how Neha can kiss people but not share a bed. Akshara says that there are cameras everywhere and so the matter is different. The show ends after Zeeshan fills Neha in on the whole conversation and she shuns it stating neither she nor her husband care about the matter at all.

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