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Bigg Boss OTT August 21 2021 written update: Raqesh Bapat gets in the same bed as Shamita Shetty

While Akshara Singh and Pratik Sehajpal had a major fight, Raqesh Bapat was in the mood to flirt with his connection Shamita Shetty.

Shaheen Irani
Aug 21, 2021
cover image
Bigg Boss OTT.

The contestants wake up to Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania song Lucky Tu Lucky Me, which featured Varun Dhawan grooving. Pratik Sehajpal flirts with Moose Jattana on the song by showing his abs.

Zeeshan discusses breakfast and wakes everyone up. He asks Divya Agarwal to go to the kitchen and she blasts at him, asking him to calm down.

Ridhima asks why people didn't put food in the refrigerator. Divya is still seen in the kitchen. Ridhima says that she was accused about it and it almost blows out into a full-fledged fight.

Milind Gabba and Zeeshan Khan are seen playing with Nishant Bhatt. They throw him in the swimming pool and jump in with him as Neha Bhasin also enters the pool. Karan Nath and Pratik are asked to join them next. Karan takes the initiative while Pratik stays back.

Pratik and Akshara Singh sit when Zeeshan asks them to sort their luggage. Akshara says he is talking to her to get spotlight. Pratik asks him to keep patience since she has been working since morning. Then Neha asks her to grow up or leave. Akshara responds by saying either she will leave or Neha will. Neha says Akshara becomes cute or matured according to her convenience.

Nishant announces the next task. Nishant, Pratik, Shamita Shetty, Milind and Neha are the contestants. Zeeshan calls Milind compliant, transparent and reliable. He picks Nishant as safe and Neha as simple.

Divya gives Nishant transparent and reliable, Pratik as safe, Milind as simple and Shamita for compliant. Moose gives Shamita safe, Milind simple, Pratik compliant, Nishant transparent and reliable.

Akshara gives Pratik reliable and compliant, Nishant transparent, Milind simple and Shamita safe. Raqesh picks Nishant for safe, Milind for simple, Neha for transparent, Shamita for reliable and compliant.

Ridhima also gives Shamita as compliant, Neha as reliable, Nishant as transparent, Milind as simple and safe. Karan gives Nishant as safe and reliant, Pratik as compliant, Neha as transparent. Milind wins the most valuable player award.

Divya and Zeeshan talk to Akshara about her stuff. Divya talks well to Akshara and asks to send the additional stuff back to the designers. When she sorts things out with Divya, Akshara says that it is Moose's stuff.

Zeeshan asks Akshara and then tells her that he will arrange her boxes. Akshara loses her calm and challenges Zeeshan. He goes on and loudly arranges her bags. She calls him badtameez and Milind talks on behalf of her. Zeeshan and Akshara have an argument when she says that she cannot arrange the luggages at the moment. Both of them lose their calm after that moment. When Zeeshan reminds Akshara he's Bossman, she asks, "Baap bann gaye hai kya?"

As Akshara throws away people's stuffs, Pratik comes in between and stops him. Zeeshan then tells everyone that Akshara will not get her food. He said 'Chal Hatt' which irked Akshara even more. Pratik questions Zeeshan and talks to him, as Akshara almost gets violent. Milind, Karan and others stop her but she is ready to leave the house after 'teaching Zeeshan a lesson'. She almost strips Moose's clothes also in the process.

When Neha comes, Divya stops her, asking her not to add more fuel to the fire. Neha says that she will talk when she wants to. Zeeshan justifies the matter to Ridhima. He asks Akshara not to play the woman card. She pushes him and accuses him of twisting her arm. Neha, Divya and others ask Zeeshan to stop. Meanwhile, Pratik, Nishant and Moose stay with Akshara so she doesn't exaggerate the fight.

Akshara refuses to treat her wound till Bigg Boss calls her in the confession room. She even refuses to drink water. Pratik requests her and then asks Bigg Boss to call her in the confession room. Akshara cries and screams groupism, calling them 'ghatiya'. Ridhima also asks Bigg Boss to call Akshara in the confession room.

Divya tells Neha that there was no work since morning which is why they are confused about the whole chaos. Ridhima says that even Bigg Boss is a person and might not be on his seat.

Zeeshan says his mutual friends asked him to help Akshara stating she is innocent. She calls them 'f***all stars'. Neha really loses her calm over Akshara's 'kitne ke ho' statement.

Akshara challenges Bigg Boss to call her to the confession room. Zeeshan smiles and claps at Akshara's statements which irks her more. Bigg Boss finally calls her to the medical room. She then asks him to call her to the confession room.

Ridhima talks to Divya, which results in an argument. Akshara cries in the medical room. Zeeshan mimics Akshara, stating that she hurt herself and blamed it on him. Raqesh says that the group picks on anyone at any time.

Pratik defends Akshara stating that she was feeling low. Zeeshan says that happens with everyone and says that he behaved and didn't ask 'kitne ke ho'.

Pratik talks to Neha about taking a stand in this matter. He is then seen talking to Zeeshan with everyone. Nishant defends Akshara stating that nothing needs to be done stat. Pratik argues with Zeeshan over the same, stating they aren't maids. In the middle of his conversation, Neha loses her calm and even pushes Milind away, who tries to stop her from doing something drastic. Divya, who is in another room with Zeeshan, tells him that everything feels like an order because of the position he is in. Neha calls Pratik 'pussy boy' which leaves him stunned. Shamita comes to calm Neha down. Moose cannot control her laughter in the middle of the situation. Pratik also ends up laughing. Neha takes a chair and blackmails Nishant that she will beat him with it. Neha goes and stands behind a screen which makes everyone laugh again. Milind follows her and Shamita comes soon after.

Divya tries to calm Zeeshan. Bigg Boss calls Neha, Milind and Shamita for breaking the rule (standing behind the blinds). Zeeshan comes out and apologizes for being bossy. He gets lauded for the action.

Akshara is still in the storeroom when Bigg Boss calls everyone in the living room. Nishant, Moose and Pratik come to call her in the living room. She comes out after they assure her that they will talk to him. He gets angry over the people trying to blackmail Bigg Boss into calling them in the confession room.

Divya talks to Zeeshan after the statement. Shamita asks Karan whose side he is on. He then says that both were wrong on their side. She further questions him stating that he has been hanging out with that group since two days, to which Karan says it is because they are in the same house eventually. This leads to Shamita making faces. Karan says that there is a group within their group.

Nishant and Moose laugh when Akshara says she heard that she can approach Bigg Boss and go to the confession room. Pratik explains that Bigg Boss will call her when he feels that injustice has been done. Akshara then apologizes to Bigg Boss for her behaviour. Karan plays with Pratik while Akshara holds her ears and apologizes to Bigg Boss.

Zeeshan tells Divya that Akshara purposely tried to use her hand on the garam tawa. When she says that she always cooks that way, Zeeshan says that he has seen her make rotis and that is not how she did it. Akshara defends herself saying she doesn't need to do anything intentionally.

It is time for the report card and the audiences are happy today too. When Raqesh comes to talk to Divya, Zeeshan asks Bigg Boss to throw him out of the house. Divya tells Raqesh that Ridhima is throwing tantrums in the kitchen and so she is thinking of assigning that duty to her. Raqesh and Divya laugh, stating that they will love seeing her there. She says that she will remove Milind and add Akshara with Ridhima. Zeeshan talks about lawn cleaning and gets ready to assign that to Nishant and Pratik.

Divya asks Neha if she will do the kitchen duties, which irks the latter. Neha refuses to answer her and Divya says she'll do what she has to do.

Pratik is then seen talking to Moose. He asks Zeeshan to put his shoes down because people sleep there. Zeeshan then asks Pratik and Nishant if they cleaned the lawn, to which Nishant says they did with water. Zeeshan says everybody is upset with them for not cleaning the lawn.

When Nishant asks Divya who spoke about the lawn being unclean, she herself gets the broom and starts cleaning it. Pratik then asks Nishant to let her do it because there is no logic to the discussion. He says that they won't need to clean in the morning which makes Ridhima laugh.

Akshara is then heard talking to Milind about her argument with Zeeshan. She states that it was Zeeshan's fault. Milind says he got upset because her anger knew no limits and she ended up hurting herself in the process. He says it was really wrong to forget your own care in anger.

Pratik talks to Moose about Nishant. They feel that he is uncomfortable with their relationship. Pratik says that Nishant doesn't sit as much with him anymore, while Moose says that he taunts her stating that she should go with Pratik. The latter asks her the difference in her liking for both. To that, she says it comes close now. Moose feels that Nishant's feelings have changed but he doesn't talk about them. Meanwhile, Pratik thinks that he has started liking her.

Shamita asks Moose to sleep on top of Raqesh. He jokes, "I'll try to warm up to you." Neha tells Milind that's what a true connection looks like. To that, he says their connection is 'friendly'. Raqesh starts snoring next to Shamita which makes her scream and ask him to leave for his bed. He says he needs his 'connection' and Shamita asks him to connect from his bed, to which he says he doesn't like long-distance. When Shamita pulls his bedsheet, Raqesh confesses he's not wearing pants which leaves people bursting out laughing. He says he's giving Shamita a real connection but she's not taking it. She says she doesn't want it and asks him to leave for his own bed. When Shamita says she'll connect with him tomorrow, Raqesh teases her further asking 'Same time, same place?' After he says goodnight, the show comes to an end.

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