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Bigg Boss OTT August 23 2021 written update: Zeeshan Khan suffers from anxiety attack

Zeeshan Khan thought that the whole house was against him.

Shaheen Irani
Aug 23, 2021
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Bigg Boss OTT.

Zeeshan asks Milind if he is a misogynist. Nishant calls him stupid and tells team Pratik that Zeeshan just doesn't get it. He talks about how Shamita apologized to him. Pratik says she never comes to sort things with him. Nishant says she apologized because she was proven wrong.

Zeeshan says he isn't buying what Karan said and adds that the opinion isn't convenient. Zeeshan repeats KJo's "I'm a feminist" statement and says that's how he as a contestant became misogynist.

Raqesh gives Nishant a long hug and they have fun with each other. The Tata and Bata banter continues.

Hina Khan enters on the Param Sundari song. She praises all of them and especially calls Nishant fab. She brings a gift for them in messages from home. That leaves the contestants excited.

Milind's sister, Akshara's brother, Moose's sister talk to them. The latter asks Moose to be careful of Zeeshan and Milind and sometimes Neha. She sings Moose's apple rap song. Shilpa gives Shamita a message too. Neha's brother, Divya's brother, Pratik's sister, Raqesh's sister, Zeeshan's brother also share a message. Nishant's friend Punit Pathak shares a message, making the choreographer smile. Punit praises Nishant's connection with Moose and his overall game.

The foam task is next. Akshara goes first and targets Shamita. The former says she's scared of the latter because she considers her competition. Divya comes up next and Shamita asks if she should stay or leave. They have a small argument. She calls Neha. Zeeshan comes next and picks Pratik as competitor. The latter says Zeeshan is his fan. They get into an argument and Hina stops them stating that she doesn't have time.

Neha comes up next and picks Divya. She says that she hopes Divya gets out of the house. The latter calls her 'basin'. Milind picks Nishant. He calls him the strongest competitor. Raqesh is upset with Divya for picking her in the punishment task. The latter says she was upset that he didn't talk to her because of his connection. Raqesh targets Nishant, who says he's bored with the justification. The latter says their friendship will grow stronger after the show.

Shamita picks Divya. She wishes Divya leaves the house. Nishant picks Shamita but doesn't apply foam on her. Moose also picks Shamita, stating that she has made Pratik and Nishant uncomfortable. Pratik also picks Shamita. She accuses him of instigating people the most.

Pratik ends up saying that Raqesh and Shamita are paid more but aren't seen as much. Hina calls it unfair. Hina introduces the next task. She talks about Zeeshan and Pratik's fattu moment. The contestants have to pick one fattu among them.

Neha says she finds both fattu. She starts screaming when Pratik stops her from painting her face. She picks both. Shamita comes next and picks Zeeshan. Raqesh also picks him because of the same reason. When Divya speaks again, Neha asks Bigg Boss to make him a judge.

Moose picks Pratik stating he considers her competition. She shocks Pratik and everyone. When Akshara comes, Pratik gets scared and asks her not to apply it on him and she says he will tell her. She picks Zeeshan. The Qubool Hai actor tells Pratik, "Tu toh phatte mein ghusta hai," leaving everybody stunned. They even discuss how Zeeshan called Pratik a banana. "Tu kela khaayega?," Pratik asked Zeeshan.

Divya comes next. She says Zeeshan is the opposite of fattu. So, she picks Pratik. Nishant picks Zeeshan. Milind picks Pratik, stating that he always supports his group while speaking against everybody who isn't part of the gang. When Pratik tries to justify, Zeeshan speaks again. Pratik suggests Zeeshan to stick his face with a tape to the cameras so he gets footage 24x7. According to housemates they both are fattu. Moose gives Nishant a kiss in the middle of the task. Hina leaves the house.

Pratik talks to Neha about Zeeshan. She accuses Pratik of not thinking she is his friend. Nishant asks Raqesh if he is taking everything as a game. The choreographer asks Raqesh to take a stand. Zeeshan talks to Neha about the fattu task. Moose talks to Nishant and says she isn't comfortable suddenly talking to Raqesh like before. Akshara assures more is to come.

Nishant tells Divya that Zeeshan had a justification for himself but didn't get the opportunity to talk. Neha says that even girls are wrong in the way they talk. Zeeshan says that he reacted to an action. Neha and Pratik have an argument. He calls her diplomatic. When Neha asks Pratik to talk to Moose, he reminds her that they aren't on talking terms.

Raqesh tells Shamita that Neha has fallen for Pratik. He says 'Lahu Mooh Lag Gaya' is happening between them to which Shamita says she is happily married and is fond of him but nothing more. Raqesh feels that people need eye candy in the house which Shamita refuses to accept.

Neha talks to Milind about the task. The latter says she wasn't right in picking Zeeshan. Neha says that she was right and everybody felt the same way for the actor. Milind says that people make fun of her behind her back. Neha leaves mid-conversation saying he is not her father and thus, he should let her be. Milind asks Neha to have the b***s to listen.

Team Pratik talks about Neha getting the most footage. Moose asks people to target Shamita and Neha. Pratik says that they should stop forgiving people. When Moose leaves, Pratik says she is behaving weirdly but lets it go.

Zeeshan breaks down. Moose sits next to him and Divya and Milind also come to console him. Zeeshan starts behaving strangely, causing them to worry about him. Zeeshan is finally called to the medical room.

Moose is seen talking about Zeeshan and how he panicked thinking nobody took him seriously. Neha discusses with Shamita how she feels she might have caused the attack on Zeeshan. The actress asks Neha to support him now. She thinks that Zeeshan was affected by what Karan Johar said on Sunday Ka Vaar. Shamita also asks Neha to talk to Milind about playing the game correctly.

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