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Bigg Boss OTT August 25 2021 written update: Raqesh tells Shamita ending his marriage was a tough decision

Raqesh Bapat and Shamita Shetty connected on a deeper level inside the Bigg Boss OTT house.

Shaheen Irani
Aug 26, 2021
cover image
Bigg Boss OTT.

Bigg Boss OTT has turned interesting with every passing day. Raqesh Bapat and Shamita Shetty connected on a deeper level on day 17. The actor told her that it wasn't a tough decision ending his marriage to actress Ridhi Dogra (last seen in The Married Woman).

The contestants wake up to Pretty Woman. The girls are in an unusually good mood. Raqesh-Shamita and Pratik-Neha also connected better.

Zeeshan is seen talking to Divya. He talks about the connection task and how Neha behaved with Milind. Divya says she should have given a proper reason. Shamita exchanges her kitchen duties with Akshara but refuses to eat the food made by her. This irks Divya, who discusses the same with Zeeshan.

Nishant complains about not getting breakfast and Divya tells him that she wasn't informed about the duties changing. The two get into an argument, in the middle of which Nishant says that Zeeshan knew about the duties changing. The latter says he didn't know about it.

Divya taunts Shamita saying that people have come to work and they are stupid to cook because they can't see others hungry. Shamita and Neha are seen smiling after the statement.

When Neha tells Divya, "Aapko wahi karna aata hai," Akshara ends up telling her, "Aur aapko kya aata hai? Sirf taang aise kholna aata hai." The statement leaves Shamita shocked and confused. Akshara justifies her statement saying Neha is facing her leg towards her. She blames it on Shamita, saying that is her own mentality. The two argue and Milind joins in the fight. Neha says that she has to place her leg on the chair because of medical reasons.

Akshara asks Neha why did she pass a comment on Divya, to which the latter asks her to stop talking to her altogether. Pratik tells Shamita and Neha that Akshara's statement wasn't nice. The Bhojpuri actress says he can't decide anything for her. She says that the two come from different cultures. Akshara then says Neha observes every fight 24x7.

Divya calls them selfish and Akshara points out how picking on others has become a regular thing for the team. The latter goes to talk to Shamita. She says that the actress will see Neha's true colours soon. Shamita raises her voice while trying to explain to Akshara what she said was wrong. That irritates Raqesh, who asks her to talk calmly. Milind walks in and Shamita says that Akshara is arguing on the topic. The latter says she'll never apologize to Neha because the singer's has always been mean to her. Milind brings on the topic of connection task and how Neha behaved. He tells Shamita that Neha or Pratik will not be able to understand each other as much as they did.

Pratik and Akshara end up talking. He says what she did to Neha was bullying, to which the Bhojpuri actress says that she has been bullied often too. She tells Nishant that she got anxiety after being bullied and asked Raqesh for medicine.

Neha tells Shamita that Akshara is upset but when she corners people, that looks like an attack. Meanwhile, Nishant supports Akshara and says people should talk against Neha also because she did a wrong thing. The two get into an argument after some time. Milind and Zeeshan get into a tete-a-tete, which is when the Punjabi singer clears that Akshara is feeling unsupported in the house. As Zeeshan and Divya tell Milind that what Akshara said was wrong, Pratik says that Nishant and Moose were with her all the time, even when they spoke to him every now-and-then. She walks away and breaks into tears. Milind and Pratik come and see her. Milind gives her a hug as Pratik watches on. He asks her not to cry but she ignores him and walks away.

Pratik discusses his decision with Nishant. Moose and Neha are seen in the pool. Nishant can't trust Akshara fully, so can't Pratik. The latter says he can't even trust Neha. When she joins them, Nishant calls her his favourite. Neha calls it awkward to talk to Pratik and Nishant teases her by stating she should take care that the show doesn't end by the time she gets there.

Divya announces the nominations task. She and Zeeshan are already safe since they are captains.The reality show star asks Nishant to let her go at the end, so she can make sure he and Moose are safe. Neha says she and Pratik need to get safe from nominations soon. Zeeshan tells Milind that the singer can be safe only if the whole house takes his name. They realize that Nishant has maximum votes. When Neha tells Pratik, Nishant and Moose, they all agree that they don't trust Milind and Akshara. Shamita and Raqesh are also confused since Nishant will be safe. She agrees to saving their own selves.

Divya and Zeeshan go first and save Nishant and Moose. Shamita and Raqesh go next and see Nishant-Moose's name and gets confused. Raqesh calls them competition and tears their name. He and Shamita discuss the same with team Pratik. Shamita and Pratik tell Nishant that Divya is playing smartly and is on his side for a reason. Once they are separated from Raqesh and Shamita, Pratik tells Nishant he strongly feels the duo was involved in the strategy. Nishant then strikes a deal with Milind.

Pratik and Neha go next. Meanwhile, Akshara tells Nishant and Moose that she will save them. Neha tells Pratik that Nishant is playing a game and so, he should save himself. Pratik explains that he is naming Nishant because he trusts the choreographer the most. He is confused but does end up picking Nishant and Moose. Neha tells Shamita about what happened and that latter says she's glad to have torn the placard. The latter feels they might have been double-crossed.

Pratik tells Nishant that Neha kept her friends on the backfoot and put his friends at the forefront. He thus asks them to accept her. Shamita talks to Milind and asks them to go last or Nishant will win the task. Milind and Akshara end up going anyway and save Nishant and Moose, leaving the last couple (Nishant-Moose) in a tough spot. Nishant promises Milind that he will back out of the captaincy task but asks the singer to fight fair.

Moose justifies not tearing the placard, stating that their connection is the strongest in the house. Nishant plays with the contestants. Neha discusses the task with Shamita. Raqesh asks her to voice her opinion or stay away from them. Shamita tells Neha that she chose Pratik to convey a point - that he can't control her. Raqesh is sure there will be double-crossing and backstabbing. Shamita and Neha pounce on Raqesh for picking Nishant over them. Shamita and Raqesh end up fighting. She says she'll go against him if Raqesh names Nishant. Shamita leaves after getting anxious. Nishant, in the kitchen, notices everything.

Pratik-Neha, Milind-Akshara and Raqesh-Shamita. When Moose talks in Punjabi, Zeeshan jokes to Bigg Boss to let her leave the house. Shamita discusses the task with Nishant and the latter says Raqesh was confused. Shamita then asks him does the Tum Bin actor always understands things very slowly. Shamita is not liking Raqesh's unsure nature and Nishant ends up saying he never saw the actor that way outside.

Shamita tries talking to Raqesh, who faces his back to her and is in deep thought. She asks him to not underestimate them. He says that Nishant has an OTT level and they still aren't there. Shamita cannot understand Raqesh's point of view and he isn't able to put his point across either. Shamita is then seen holding Raqesh's hand and asking them to move on. He says he won't do anything after this. Shamita says she was confused and Raqesh says he didn't like the actress talk to him on that topic in front of Neha. Raqesh says he doesn't like somebody cornering him. He says it was a big decision for him to move to Mumbai, end his marriage, lose his father and because of that, he has anxiety on another level, that didn't even let him sleep for two weeks at a stretch. He says his mother and sister came to Mumbai and saw him with red eyes and took him to a hospital immediately. He is upset for taking responsibility every single time. A few hours later, they were seen getting candid. They are safe from evictions this week. Raqesh gives Shamita a kiss on the cheek after hearing so.

The report card is here and the audiences are happy. Nishant is seen talking to Divya about the task. Divya says she and Zeeshan don't have an alliance, referring to Nishant and Pratik. She says that Shamita and Raqesh could have been her alliance but they ruined it after their captaincy. Nishant talks to Raqesh about Shamita. The choreographer says he and Shamita won't match on the show, which is when the show ends.

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