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Bigg Boss OTT Sunday Ka Vaar August 22 2021 written update: Karan Nath-Ridhima Pandit evicted from house

Rakhi Sawant and Hina Khan also entered the Karan Johar-hosted show.

Shaheen Irani
Aug 23, 2021
cover image
Bigg Boss OTT.

Karan Johar, wearing a black suit with the logo of a lion, welcomes India to Bigg Boss OTT Sunday Ka Vaar. He wishes people Happy Raksha Bandhan.

He talks about the punishment task. The viewers are then introduced to the contestants waking up on Saturday Saturday. Moose Jattana is seen flirting with Pratik Sehajpal, who she previously developed feelings for on the show.

Pratik talks to Neha Bhasin and she says she has a problem with him. She accuses him of being cold at times. She says that she has the same problem with Divya Agarwal. Neha has a problem that people don't have consistent behaviour. Pratik justifies his behaviour stating that Neha doesn't have a standard behaviour with him and so, when she's screaming, he can't stay calm either. Neha says it is her dad's birthday. On hearing that, Pratik shakes her hand and wishes her well.

Shamita Shetty tells Zeeshan Khan that she wants to apologize for not speaking up for him. He's okay with that. Shamita says that she learned things late in her fight with Divya. She keeps apologizing to him for not taking a stand, stating that the small things matter in Bigg Boss OTT house.

Nishant is seen talking to Moose about his feelings. He asks her to taunt him too. He ask her to understand his stupid things. Moose spoke to Nishant after her chat with Pratik. She asks if he has a crush on her. He confesses liking her. She says she likes having two best friends. They end up giving each other a hug after Nishant says she can have as many friends as she likes, till he stands number one for her.

Bigg Boss announces the punishment task. Everybody except Divya and Zeeshan can be nominated for the task. Team Pratik think about nominating Shamita and Raqesh. Karan tells Ridhima that he thinks it should be Neha. Ridhima calls Nishant Moose's father figure/brother.

Raqesh picks Nishant and Moose. Nishant loses his calm and calls the reasoning stupid. Shamita says he makes the lives of boss man and boss woman difficult. That is when Pratik says he never faced any problems with him. Shamita says that she doesn't have a problem with Nishant's personality because he makes people laugh. Pratik gives her an award. Shamita says that she finds it difficult to talk to Akshara. Raqesh says that he finds communication problem between them, which leaves Pratik-Akshara hugging and laughing. Pratik names Shamita for her 'best boss woman' moment. He brings up the salt box incident. That makes Akshara laugh. Shamita returns the gift Pratik gave him which makes him stand up and laud everyone. He also names Karan and Ridhima, stating they aren't involved in the house.

Nishant names Ridhima and Karan and taunts people stating that is how you justify your choice. He says they are evolving and have started getting involved but it is a little late. He also names Shamita and Raqesh, calling them poor captains. Milind names Karan and Ridhima because of the miscommunication in the task. He calls Pratik and Akshara competition and so, he nominates them. Neha disagrees and says that they don't follow rules. Akshara justifies stating that she doesn't wish to talk to her, as stated by Neha herself too.

Karan names Neha and Milind because of the kaamchori task. He says he was quite hurt because of that. He also names Akshara and Pratik, stating that Akshara controls Pratik. Zeeshan also names Pratik-Akshara, stating the latter never defended Pratik when he was wrong. The latter is seen eating carefree while Zeeshan talks. He called Akshara rude. She justified herself on the luggage fiasco. As they fight again, Divya tells Bigg Boss they can't come to a decision. She then names Shamita and Raqesh, which Shamita expected. Raqesh says she has her opinion. Zeeshan agrees, stating they even backed out during a task.

Nishant wishes to change his vote, which Zeeshan refuses to do. He replaces Ridhima-Karan with Neha-Milind. Zeeshan then tells Bigg Boss everybody agrees on nominating Shamita-Raqesh. Pratik then questions if he has come agreeing from outside and is sitting outside the house. After Akshara whispers to him, Pratik says he is okay if they take their name.

Zeeshan announces Pratik-Akshara and Raqesh-Shamita for the punishment task. They are left hanging. While Pratik arranges the luggage, Akshara says Neha would be her sister-in-law. Pratik asks her not to talk about it because it is personal. Akshara says they are one and her decision is firm.

Ridhima tells Neha and Shamita about majority wins and not veto. Karan asks the females if they had food. They remember how Bigg Boss nominated them for not coming to a decision. Akshara, on the other hand, says that the reasoning and punishment wasn't valid. She apologizes once again for using cuss words. She refuses to apologize to the housemates.

Neha asks Nishant if Milind agrees with her. He refuses, to which she says she speaks on their behalf 90% because Milind doesn't speak up openly. She has to accept him because they are a connection. Nishant says that he looks at the logic with Moose. He says there's disagreement 24x7 but their conclusion is always together. Neha feels that she has become bad in people's eyes for speaking up while he is still a saint according to them. Thus, she says she's looking out for herself.

Ridhima announces the punishment task. Raqesh-Shamita and Pratik-Akshara have to rotate the wheel all the time till Bigg Boss' next announcement. Boss man and lady Zeeshan and Divya are the moderators of the task. Moose is seen with a kiss on her cheek. If the connections need water or food, only Zeeshan or Divya can get it for them. They can use the washroom or smoke in the garden area. Only one person can do so one at a time.

Shamita says that if she sees Raqesh talking to Divya, she won't play the game. She is so pissed off she tells him that he can tell Bigg Boss he wants to change his partner. He holds her shoulder as Shamita cries. She doesn't want to talk to him. Raqesh sips on coffee and leaves her alone, while still performing the task.

Nishant and Moose talk about themselves. Divya and Zeeshan discuss if they can let the contestants take a break. While he feels bad, Divya assures him it is the format of the show and even they wouldn't be spared. He then agrees. Divya talks to Nishant and asks him if people cannot point a finger at her just because she is Shamita Shetty. Nishant agrees and says he understands how bad she feels.

Pratik says they are married after 700 phere. He says Bigg Boss will announce them as man and wife. Shamita, still upset and crying, tells Raqesh that she has been keeping her mouth shut in front of Nishant and Divya because it would be difficult for him. She says she can't do this anymore and talks about class divide because she's an actress and has a family background. She says people call her diplomatic and bossy for expressing herself. Zeeshan, feeling upset, gives them a tissue. Raqesh takes it. Shamita says she doesn't care about nominations but feels she's living in a gutter. She wants to go home to her family, who are going through a tough time. She is referring to Raj Kundra's arrest in the po**ographic case. Meanwhile, Moose is seen talking to and moving with Pratik and Akshara.

Milind asks Zeeshan if Shamita is upset with him and he says she isn't talking to him either. Shamita says that she should feel sorry for her background and working hard. Akshara and Pratik keep watching her. Neha comes and moves with them.

Nishant tells Bigg Boss it was good that the contestants are out while the task takes place. He calls it nice and says he likes it. The statement irks Shamita, who screams, "You like it? You like this task?" This results in a full-fledged argument. Referring to her previous statement of Nishant crossing the line, Shamita tells him, "Sumbdi mein bahut Kuch bolta hai TU. F***ing snake." Nishant says he will speak because he has a mouth. He talks about abuses by Shamita. When Pratik interferes, she says at least he is himself while accusing Nishant as a backstabber who thinks he can get away with anything. Shamita's abuses do not stop. Nishant asks her to have courage to accept things and says she took things seriously. Raqesh tries to stop them but they do not stop as easily. Nishant calls her 'plastic'. Shamita accuses him of taking TRP. Nishant comes and irritates Shamita further by banging the prop next to her. She calls him a monkey and he further bangs vessels.

Shamita stops the task and comes to talk to Nishant. Moose comes in between and they end up pushing each other. Shamita loses her calm even then. Pratik comes in between and asks Shamita to calm down. She walks out in the smoking room. Raqesh fights with Nishant stating he has a problem. The latter asks him to quit if he has a problem. Nishant abuses when he loses it. Pratik asks him to calm down. As Shamita cries, Neha and Ridhima try to calm her down. Shamita has an anxiety attack and Raqesh asks Zeeshan to give her water. They offer her water and Ridhima goes in with her. Nishant still continues fighting.

When Zeeshan starts talking, Pratik asks him to stop. Neha starts crying while listening to Shamita. Pratik tells Zeeshan he would beat him with slippers. Zeeshan requests Bigg Boss to give Shamita medical attention.

Moose and Nishant give each other a hug post the incident. Bigg Boss finally calls Shamita in the medical room. Neha assures her and Zeeshan assures nobody will say anything to her. Shamita is upset with Zeeshan too. She leaves for the medical room without talking to anybody.

Zeeshan offers Raqesh sports shoes for comfort. Divya says that a situation can be sorted calmly. Meanwhile, Ridhima explains that she cannot have more patience around people and felt insulted to a whole new level. Shamita, still breathing loudly, is seen going to the washroom area. Neha calms her down.

Divya tells Nishant that one task could affect people. She asks why people can't take it in a fun manner. Akshara calls them fake. Pratik comes to take Shamita, who is still with Neha, after Bigg Boss announces her to go to the medical room. Neha cries as well.

Divya says Nishant wasn't wrong. He says that if it hurting her ego, then she should leave the show and go home. Ridhima, on the other hand, says that everybody will face a difficult time in the house. Neha says there's one person who is playing with everyone and everything he does is wrong. Neha says that she isn't laughing for nominating Pratik and even feels pain for them.

Moose calls out to Pratik and asks him to call Nishant. She tells the group to talk to Nishant's face. She says she cannot sleep because of the discussion. Nishant walks in and she says that Neha has a lot to talk to him. The latter says she will talk to him when she wishes to. Moose taunts Neha stating that the singer claims she doesn't talk behind anybody's back. Neha justifies stating there are cameras everywhere. Nishant asks Neha to say what she wants and assures her that they won't fight. Neha then asks him to have a little compassion. Nishant asks her if she knows what happened and he explains the whole situation. He says Shamita to stop feeling humiliated or leave the show.

Neha then questions their equation, to which Nishant is clueless. Neha then points out that 'Nishu' claps when he wants to target people. He justifies stating that everybody do that. Nishant says that he will apologize if he feels sorry. Meanwhile, Zeeshan asks Raqesh to continue the task.

Nishant tells Raqesh he lost him as a friend forever. Shamita comes out of the medical room and thanks Neha with a hug. Ridhima and Karan welcome her too. Karan gives her a hug and asks her to stay strong too.

Nishant discusses with Moose how Shamita asked him to give her respect but never did anything to gain that respect. Moose is confused about the cuss words and Nishant jokes that Shamita is crying over her own behaviour.

Neha asks Shamita to accept herself. Before she could join the task again, Bigg Boss announces it is over. Pratik gives Akshara a hug and asks her to eat well. Raqesh goes to Shamita and gives her a back hug. She instead asks him if he is okay. He asks her too and advises her to keep calm. He gives her a kiss and holds her. The two give each other a long hug after that.

Akshara says that Shamita separated her own self from the group. She says that since it is the first time that Shamita showed her true coloured, she is fake and not being her own self. Divya says how Shamita used a word which is used to abuse women, on Nishant more than once or thrice. Akshara further says she felt bad when Shamita pushes Moose on her chest and cried when she got helpless. She says they have all kinds of cards. Moose joins the conversation and says how Pratik and Nishant have fun.

Neha apologizes to Pratik, who says it is completely okay and can be forgiven in friends. She talks to Raqesh, who has a hot water bag over his leg.

Bigg Boss talks about report card and the viewers are happy with the contestants. Pratik thanks the viewers. Raqesh and Shamita say they don't feel like staying or being involved in the house. They say that it is four people vs the house house (hinting at Pratik-Akshara, Moose-Nishant). Raqesh says that they don't deserve to stay at home if audiences love that kind of behaviour. Shamita says she's very happy to be voted out and cannot do anything for TRP. Raqesh tells Shamita about how Nishant said that their friendship is over. He says that he has supported Nishant so much and if he starts speaking the truth, people will start hating the choreographer. Shamita asks him to bring it out.

Divya told Raqesh it's not personal and she says it is. She questions if she has control over Weekend Ka Vaar. Shamita also accuses Zeeshan of not having the balls of standing up to Divya. He comes and asks Shamita if she's okay. He apologizes for his behaviour and wishes to talk to her. She refuses to talk to him and asks him to stand for himself. He states it was a compromise. Zeeshan then talks to Moose about Urfi and apologizes to her, stating he likes her as a person.

Raqesh talks about Moose and Shamita is confused about her b***s and a** conversation in front of the mirror. Raqesh says they are promoting p***. Shamita is confused how what she's doing helping her tough past. She calls Pratik hyper and stupid but a solid person.

Ridhima asks Nishant about him and Raqesh. When Ridhima removes the 'spineless' accusation, Nishant says even Karan Johar called Raqesh spineless and he called everyone spineless but also that it isn't an abuse. The choreographer says even he cried when Raqesh did. He's very happy with what happened and says Shamita is out of the picture for him.

Zeeshan says Shamita can't take anything physical and can't count on her to stay strong. Neha says that Raqesh too isn't stable at the moment, because of his own self.

Rakhi prepared to enter the house as a ghost. Karan meets the contestants. He discusses the Zeeshan-Akshara and Shamita-Nishant matter. He punishes Zeeshan, to the extent that he doesn't let him speak. Divya requests Karan to let Zeeshan come back with the group. He calls her Oprah Winfrey and calls Zeeshan back.

Soon, Rakhi meets Karan on the stage and the contestants through Me TV. Within some time, KJo announces the elimination. In a surprise, both Ridhima and Karan Nath get eliminated from the show, while Hina Khan enters it.

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