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Cannes Film Festival: Madhavan’s Rocketry and five Indian films to be shown at the event

Rocketry - The Nambi Effect, directed by R Madhavan, will be shown with other films.

  • Kanishka Dogra

Last Updated: 04.53 AM, May 13, 2022

Cannes Film Festival: Madhavan’s Rocketry and five Indian films to be shown at the event
R. Madhavan

The Cannes Film Festival starts on May 17, and the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has selected six films to be screened over the 10-day festival.

R. Madhavan's Rocketry - The Nambi Effect (Hindi, English, Tamil), Godavari (Marathi), Alpha Beta Gamma (Hindi), Boomba Ride (Assamese), Dhuin (Hindi, Marathi), and Tree Full of Parrots (Malayalam) are among the titles in the lineup.

As Madhavan revealed to Hindustan Times, he is scared and excited for his film to be shown at the Cannes Film Festival, as he is also making his directorial debut with this movie.

Godavari film director Nikhil Mahajan is overjoyed and glad that his film, which conveys an essential message, will be seen by a bigger audience.

The other filmmakers are likewise quite enthusiastic about the film being shown at such a renowned event as the Cannes Film Festival.

Alpha Beta Gamma is a romantic comedy directed by Shankar Srikumar. The tale centres on a woman's almost ex-husband and her future husband being locked down inside one house, and the realisations and difficulties they face in the following 14 days are the focus of the film.

The narrative of Tree Full of Parrots, directed by Shri Jayarajn, is about an eight-year-old child named Poonjan, who is not a typical youngster. He survives by doing simple chores such as fishing in the backwaters. His quest to find a route to the blind man's house.

Biswajeet Bora directed Boomba Ride, which he described as a "fresh beginning for regional cinema" because all regional filmmakers face a variety of challenges throughout filming. He is overjoyed and can't believe his picture would be seen at such a prestigious event as the Cannes Film Festival.

His film has largely nonprofessional performers and focuses on a single student named Boomba.

The Cannes Film Festival will take place from May 17 to May 22.