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Emergency: Kangana Ranaut announces Delhi schedule wrap of her upcoming directorial

The actor has been shooting extensively in the Capital city for Emergency.

Emergency: Kangana Ranaut announces Delhi schedule wrap of her upcoming directorial
Kangana Ranaut/Instagram
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Last Updated: 01.54 AM, Sep 19, 2022


The Delhi schedule for the filming of Kangana Ranaut's forthcoming period drama, Emergency, is completed.

The Dhaakad actor released a video on her Instagram on Sunday in which she provided an update on the completion of the movie. It was heard in the video that one of her team members was saying, "It's a Delhi schedule wrap."

Kangana Ranaut's first solo directing effort is Emergency. With Kangana playing the title role of the late politician, it centres on the life of the former prime minister, Indira Gandhi.

When discussing her decision to take on the role of director for a second time, Kangana remarked that her film, Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi, received positive reviews from the public and was a box office success. Though she had a lot of acting work to finish, the actress refrained from attempting to direct another movie.

Because of her interviews, quotes, and the fact that the terminology she invented has become common parlance, Kangana does think she has a good sense of the audience's pulse. The actor does think that the public is seeking something that will engage their minds as well as their senses.

In addition to Kangana, the movie also features important roles for Anupam Kher, Mahima Chaudhry, Vishak Nair, and Shreyas Talpade.

Earlier, the actor had shared a note with the filmmaker in which she stated that it takes planning, practice, and spontaneity to make a good film. Because of this, depending on how well one can be both rigid and flexible at the same time, it may be the hardest thing to perform or the easiest. One can tell if you know how to make a movie by how well they can plan to shoot what needs to be shot, but at the last minute they can destroy that mental framework, road map, or blueprint and be free to find something completely different based on their intuition. And if one is familiar with the process of filmmaking, they are aware that it is impossible to create a movie.

Kangana added that the concept of a filmmaker is untrue. The story has its own roots and spirit that finds expression and manifests, and the so-called maker simply watches, perplexed and captivated, as she finds herself changing into a character she must play. If anything, a movie makes a maker.

In addition to Emergency, the Queen star has the upcoming film Tejas from filmmaker Sarwesh Mewara, in which she will play an Indian Air Force pilot. The movie has yet to have its official release date announced.