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Exclusive! 'Would love to play a great villain in some film': Kranti star Darshan Thoogudeepa

The Challenging Star talks about his approach to acting and life, in general, in an exclusive chat with OTTplay

Exclusive! 'Would love to play a great villain in some film': Kranti star Darshan Thoogudeepa
Darshan on his 'Navagraha' avatar
  • Swaroop Kodur

Last Updated: 12.32 PM, Jan 20, 2023


Challenging Star Darshan has been the Kannada Film Industry's reign-supreme actor for more than two decades now. Through the years, his career has encountered several highs and a few evident lows but the star in him always rose consistently, garnering the undying support of his fans in the pursuit. Despite the eventual outcomes of his films, each of them has been treated as nothing less than a mega event by his fans and one such dramatic event is set to unfold on the coming Republic Day. Darshan, too, seems to have grown quite trusting of his vast fan base and as the entire industry braces itself for Kranti, the actor in him seems quite unfazed about all the chatter around.

The secret to this, turns out, is the fact that the Challenging Star takes each day as it comes and never worries about what the future has in store. "I don't like to dream or wish too much about my acting opportunities. I didn't know during Majestic that I would do films like Sangolli Rayanna or Kurukshetra but I did land those roles eventually. I am is a really big opportunist, no doubt, who does not let go of a chance but beyond that, I don't believe in dreaming too much," he says.

So, if Darshan were to continue acting for the next 20 years, what kind of roles can his fans expect to see him in? During his recent exclusive chat with OTTplay, the same question was posed to him and the answer, unsurprisingly, was quite DBoss-like!

"I don't see that far anyway. My approach to all of this is simple: if I wake up today without any trouble, then I thank God for that. Because so many people go to bed and don't wake up alive. And if I wake up the next day, then I think about the day ahead. And you want me to think 20 years ahead! I never think of tomorrow because today is my day and I would like to enjoy that," says Darshan Thoogudeepa.

But, should he go on to act for the next 20 years, would he wish to be only a leading man? "No, definitely not," he asserts, reminding us of a cult film called Navagraha to prove his point. 

"If there's a great part written for the villain and it has a lot of significance, I am game. In fact, I have done something like that almost 15 years ago in Navagraha - I was the villain in that and it was my own production. All that matters is that I must like the character," adds the Kranti star.