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Fans are angry over Mithai's lack of plot

Fans are 

Their anger is against the creators of the serial. over Mithai's lack of plot

Fans are angry over Mithai's lack of plot
A scene from Mithai
  • Team OTTplay

Last Updated: 08.51 PM, Feb 04, 2023

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The fans have been waiting for three months for Mithai's return. The wait is over, but the fans are not happy. Mithai's promo was released on Friday, which made the fans angry further. Their anger is against the creators of the serial. 

The new promo shows a wounded Siddhartha Modak. He gets down from the car and a kid gives him water. The kid's name is Misti. Then Mithai in her old dress is shown, who comes in search of Misti with a hurricane in her hand. Siddhartha is shocked to see her. The promo says that Mithai returns on 6 February. Soumitrisha also confirmed her comeback. Two days back she said 'Mithai hurhur coming.' But everyone hoped that Mithi and Mithai would be the same person. But the promo let them down. The fans opine that even if Mithi and Mithai are the same people, then it would be a grave injustice to Mithi. Mithi embraced Sakya with motherly love. Now the return of Mithai has let her fans down. 

Already fan theories started growing after the promo was released. Many are saying that Misti is the daughter of Siddhartha and Mithai. It might happen that after Mithai was saved from the fire, she came to know about her second pregnancy. Someone wrote, 'Now like the other serials, it will be the tussle of two wives for a husband.' Someone else wrote, 'there is no sweet in Mithai serial.' Many asked, 'what will happen to Mithi?' Someone wrote 'then why did they marry Siddhartha with Mithi?' 

From next Monday, Balijhar is starting at the 6 PM slot on Star Jalsa. Soujanya-Gungun pair, accompanied by Dhulokona's Lalon, will give tough competition to Mithai. So, to survive in the TRP battle, Mithai needs a major twist. -